Management in any business all entails planning, organizing, staffing and general leading and controlling in any organisation. This is where the human and technological resources are being applied to ensure the management progresses as required. As we consider the management problems that most organisations faces, for my case e I tend to use the communication issue that is the most prevailing problems in most enterprises.
Good and efficient communication is of importance to any business, although it can affect sales as well as the profitability. Without good communication in business there are so many challenges that face the business of which are of severe consequences to the overall performance. The following shows the significance of good communication in any organizational as long as it is concerned with the maintenance of perfect performance in the job market. Before so much emphases or looking at the importance as well the merits of good communication, I tend to find it important to look first at the types of communication that exists in any business enterprise. We have two forms.
Namely; one-way and two-way communication. In one-way communication there is sharing of information from the business to the respective customers but no feedbacks are given back to the business. It is always concerned with the customers having adequate and relevant information needed by them. While in two-way communication, it all entails customers have that privilege to give their feedback tot the business. We have several examples that fall under this form of which include the social media marketing. The one-way form is mostly used in advertisements such as the newspapers.
Good communication in any organisation or business like enterprise has several advantages as follows;
A company that has a well laid strategy to communicate tends to unites all the members of that respective organisation. All workers have a common goal. It instil a cooperative atmosphere and has so much to do with the performance. For a company to maintain its vision of success the idea of being united is so much crucial. The likelihood to achieve that business goals is much higher.
In any business there arises problems and issues that needs to be given attention often. Workers feel free to forward their issues and as they are solved in advance, it all contributes to the business success. It informs the employs on how they are faring in their business duties as well as the method to use to improve the conditions. It is a vital communication as it works both towards the employees and also the management. It can only be effective if it only comes from one direction. This enhances the flow of any information.
With good communication in the business it improves the current relationship with the customers. For instance when the customers complain, their grievances arte handled and dealt with at the appropriate time. This will ensure that the customers are never scared away from the business. In turn they will tend to attract more customers and at the end of the day sales will increase and hence more of which is biggest business concern. If the customers are not contented with the services you give then there is no need for your business to operate. By this sharing of information at any one time the business gets to know the areas they need to operate best at. Which in turns leads to provision of excellent customer service.
Employee relationship with each other is very crucial. If the employees are not united and do not work in harmony, then no any goal can be achieved. They need to work as one and this helps in solving of issues that arise during the day to day business activities. When that one’s exist, they understand each other and as a result they encourage each one of them and hence the productivity increases.
In any business there must exist guidelines that will enhance the smooth flow of the activities. Rules are better enforced when there exists good communication. With this in mind the workers and all the staff in the business gets to understand how they will operate with each other and how to carry out themselves. The procedures and the guidelines must be followed to three letter or else severe consequences follows such as demotion or even losing the job. By making the rules and regulation clear, good communication must be applied. In most companies this is conveyed in form of booklets where every worker is expected to go through them keenly before starting the employment career.
No matter how talented or skilled your employees are, they can never have enough ideas nor can you to run the business. Effective communication enhances the sharing of ideas which in turn will cultivate the spirit of innovativeness. By making it an open argument with the workers, as a manger you notice that the workers have allot to add for the better future of the enterprise. Within a short period of time, a business can become more innovative by just working together and making each individual feel part and parcel of the business. When one share thoughts and several of them combine, the resulting effect is usually marvellous.
It is more evident that good communication necessarily don’t add to the business abut also the community at large.
As manager or someone in charge of a certain group of people, one ends up dealing with people of different nuances, facial expressions and this may instil fear. An individual faces a challenge on how to deal with this people. This is one of the existing problems in most business where by the rules exist but the way to convey them effectively is the problem. For instance, the American counterparts tend to judge and make those new to the language being awkward in words pronunciation and many may tend to shy off and as a result not give the instruction.
Time being crucial factor in giving any communication. Most of the communication forces one to study some languages which one cannot do anything without them, for instance in order for a non-Englishman to communicate effectively in the business place, he or she must undergo training for him or her to acquire that knowledge to use. Failure to do this, he will always face difficulties in speaking and conveying his message.
Lack of support in any organisation nowadays ha lead to many having poor performance in jobwise since there no exist good communication. It has been propagated mostly by no cooperation in different sectors of the business. For any communication to be effective the workers and the managerial staff must be united to achieve the respective goals.
There exists unlimited opportunities to fully exercise and be a perfect communicator in the business. Many of the times the communicators have no communicating skills and this leads to poor performance of the business.
However, there are various barriers to effective communication that hinder the smooth flow of information. Some of them include; stress and out of control. Inconsistent body language, lack of focus and negative body language among others. When one is stressed, the extent of which the information will be conveyed effectively is no that recommendable and one may end up confusing the others. One should take a moment to calm down before continuing with a conversation. Being also too overwhelmed may also lead one to convey what people want to hear instead of what is supposed to be communicated.
Communication needs focus. You cannot communicate effectively if you do not have any focus. One should apply the necessary non-verbal cues an s well as the verbal cues to ensure the intended message is conveyed and the purpose of each is met. Lack of focus may lead to confusion and may make one not to concentrate on what he or she is intended to do.
When it come s to intended body language, there should be some consistency, if something is of joy, it show not contradict with that of sadness. For example when address9ing a congregation one cannot say yes while nodding no. this shows that the intended message is not conveyed at all.
In addition, negative body language such as avoiding eye contact may affect what you intended to communicate. Otherwise if this is not maintained then no any information will be conveyed. For one to communicate effectively one should possess the acts like crossing one hands and also the required posture to ensure that the message is well conveyed.
There are several ways to improve communication that does not make sense. For communication to be that effective, it should apply to be a good listener and understand the emotions that may prevail. By one also engaging in the conversation helps in giving immediate feedback and creates better understanding between the concerned parties. When one is engaged, he or she is definitely listening to what is going on.
For instance, if the colleagues are involved in a meeting together with the managerial staff, the workers should focus on the speaker to fully get what is intended to be heard. This may be achieved by getting rid of practices such as texting, clapping of hands when not required and also sitting in an upright posture as well as trying to repeat their words in your head as they say them. This will improve your level of understanding in a great way.
By giving the right eye so much task, it will ensure that you grasp everything. This is only applicable in a situation whereby communication is done in a debate like manner. The right side of the brain contains speech emotions and comprehension. By this one is able to internalise the information given with ease without so much strain. Hence one ends up taking in high frequency of human speech that contain the emotional content of what is being said.
The turn taking is giving everyone a chance to communicate. This room is so much important as every individual is given that chance to internalise. It avoids corrosion of ideas while conversing and this creates a room for better conversing. If you want to be an effective listener and also a good communicator, turn taking should be part and parcel of you. Failure to do this, most organisation will always face this problem of ineffective communication and this in turns creates problems to the business at large.
Take for instance, the manager is holding a meeting and the people being addresses are no longer at all being interested in what is being said. Definitely you will meet them doing funny things and as a result no communication will be taking place. The workers in any business to succeed they should show concern to every happening in that situation. Lack of interest shows that the workers are not ready to participate in any of the affairs being discussed.
Most of the businesses fail due to lack of immediate feedback. When workers are faced by a certain situation or problem, they end up being disconnected with their employees are they are kind of “hanging” or stuck in the situation. Business need to give immediate feedback as well to consumers and customers to ensure that business bond still exist. This in turn improves the condition of the business and prevents it from tarnishing in any way.
Immature judgement has adverse effects on what is to be communicated. If for instance one is ever judging what is happening them no any case can the message be conveyed in the required and expected way? One should not concentrate so much on the negative side of the message but rather focus on the merits and the benefits that prevail. This ensures that the workers get the necessary information that is of relevance to them. The workers should not involve feelings and may be hoe the speaker is dressed for our case in the business situation to prevent him or her to get the main or the intended message. Just focus while the other things you may do them later.
Also in consideration where there must exist the misunderstandings may be due to a situation whereby the nonverbal cues are not understood. There are various ways on how to improve the conversation by being aware of the individual differences. When we take into consideration, then this will no longer be a barrier for us not to understand the message being conveyed.
For one to also improve the nonverbal cues, we should use a group to interpreted things signals. By considering all the nonverbal cues in account for instance the body language one may get confused on which to really apply an which not to. By discussing as a group this helps one to recall something which was discussed and in turn when it comes to be applied it will be applied effectively and it helps.
In addition, the nonverbal cues should be used to match the words we say. They are simply used to reinforce the words and enhance better understanding of the same. For instance as said there above, you cannot shake your head no while saying yes. This is contradicting and will in turn lead to the listeners being confused. In case of a business setting, it result s to workers being confused on what to do since the message is not that clear.
The context also determine the non-verbal cues to be used. If the topic being discussed is not that humorous, then the appropriate tone is used for putting much emphasis on the topic. If the context is not in line with the nonverbal signals being used, them the communication will face a lot of difficulties and will never be effective. The workers being the audience may end up laughing where in actu7al sense the business is making huge losses only because of the ton being used which may sound that the business is doing very well.
When communicated to people, stress should be kept away as in most cases it tends to create a barrier in any form of communication. It may lead to one being rude and not concentrate on the important issue.
By working under pressure with the use of tactics and pausing your collect thoughts may also help in controlling the emotion and pressure rather than rushing to your response. He delivering of words which involves proper voice projection and speaking clearly, maintain that the intended message is gotten with ease. By stressing other words as compared to others will help in getting the main content and information that is intended.
In summation, being assertive also helps. It makes someone being able to express their thoughts which in turn boosts their self-esteem. It creates that room to understand the other person and taking into consideration their opinions in the business. There should not exist that dominance of one person such that it appears like he o or she is dominating. When the workers forward their complains, they should be dealt with accordingly without any biasness. The managerial staff should receive them in a better way and first think about the needs and the wants of having such issues in business. Proper decisions should be made in order to raise that self-esteem of the workers that they are part and parcel of the business.
For any business or organisation to succeed. It should apply the necessary communication strategies that will cultivate the progress which is usually emphasised by gaining huge profits. This may only be experienced only if the appropriate communication skills are used. All the organisations will benefit from good communication and consultation being practiced in the business. With that concern on the operation matters as well as the employment issues will lead to the success of the business in the managerial and also the marketing sector. I can only be effective if only the leading comes from one direction that is from the top, all the party members are involved starting from the lowest to the most senior, all the workers needs are put into concern and where a two-way communication is practiced on a daily basis as well s communication is both systematic and takes place in a regular order.
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