Existing Zoning and subdivision: The existing site and its neighbouring areas are as shown in the photo below. The land is mostly consisting of vegetative grass and trees. As can be seen, the estate is sub-divided by two main roads and has some parts that are exclusively well- manicured grass. Some of the building rules and regulations in the region are given by the authorities.
Planning Area
The site is located on an area that is generally flat, with no major hills or valleys. Most of the inhabitants of the place are native Australians as this is a city in the heart of the country. In the vicinity, there is an estate that is packed with people, also surrounded by several community sporting grounds. All social services including water, gas, electricity, and internet are already available on the site area and it will only involve the connection of these facilities to the new estate.
A Map showing the masterplan design of the exclusive town housing estate in Melbourne
A map showing a section with residential apartments and pipeline into the estate
Map showing road and plot dimensions on the estate
Existing Transportation
The proposed estate is surrounded by two major roads that link it to the transport facility out of the town. There is no public transport facility identified but once the estate is constructed, then this will be taken into consideration due to the high population in that region.
Map showing Road leading to the site area
Design Response
The Exclusive town-housing estate will comprise of both residential and commercial buildings. Undertaking such a development requires tremendous amount of care and coordination with different relevant authorities. Add to this, most of the construction will be build-over type, hence it is necessary that enough consultation is sort from the authorities so as to ensure all underground assets are protected from being destroyed.
The concept of this project is to achieve a mix-developed setting that will serve offer both homes and means of livelihood to its residents.
Map showing the electricity distribution
A Map showing the road along the estate area and entry of electricity