Treavor Noah, being born a mixed kid (black mother and white father) was brought up in several neighborhoods particularly because he was conceived out of an illegal kind of relationship in his country. To begin with, Noah was born in the city at an estate known as Hillbrow.  This part of the city consisted a mixed kind of dwelling that housed all the different types of races, blacks, white, and mixed/colored people. Noah describes it as being a thriving scene, cosmopolitan and liberal city (p 19). He also lived in Soweto, where his grandmother and his other relatives used to reside. Soweto was predominantly a black neighborhood where whites or colored people were actually prohibited from living there. Soweto was advantageous in that it enabled him learn his tribal languages and made him be able to get his lineage. Soweto was however a bit rough place that Noah underwent though various tough situations that in turn made him grow a thick skin and become more adaptive to his surroundings. Also, Noah lived in Eden Park which was a small suburb outside Johannesburg. Here, Trevor was able to pick up many of his characters like that of resilience. Being a colored boy, it was necessary that Noah was grounded at each place they lived so as to save his family especially his mother from being caught up by the authorities.
Student 1.
I concur with the sentiments put across by the student who feels that Noah was mostly influenced by living in Eden Park and Orange Grove. It is true that Eden Park was indeed not a very safe place to live in based on the constant riots and conflict that afflicted the residents at that place. It was here that at one time, Noah was pushed out of a moving bus by his mother in a bid to save themselves from possible harm by the driver of that vehicle. On the other hand, Orange Grove was also a crucial neighborhood that shaped Noah’s character while growing up. In this region, the black people were prohibited from living there while the colored people would only live in white peoples’ homes in their servant quarters or garages (p. 81). Living here with his mom, Noah was able to learn how to survive in a region where they were unwanted and this made him more resilient and tactical
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