Case Study A senior engineer from a European electronics company was sent to Saudi Arabia on a four year assignment at ta cost to his employer of about 4 million during those four years, he learnt fluent Arabic, gained new technical skills, and made friends with important businesspeople in the Saudi community but upon returning home, the man was shocked to find himself frequently scolded that the way things were done in Saudi Arabia has nothing to do with the way we do things at headquarters’. Worse, h was kept waiting almost nine months for a permanent assignment which , when it came, gave him less authority than he had had abroad. Not surprisingly, the engineer left to join a direct competitor a few months later and ended up using the knowledge and skills he had acquired in Saudi Arabia against his former employer. Questions; • If you were HQ management, how would have handled the senior manager’s repatriation back home? • What are the lessons the electronics company can learn from this experience?