Alter receiving feedback on your proposal presentation. you need to revise your business plan in the following weeks. and write up the International Business Plan Final Report. The final report should be about 4300-5.000 words in length. excluding footnotes. references. and appendices. but inclusive of tables and figures. The report should be typed in Word format. including I) Executive summary (Appx 400 wads); 2) Introduction to the company and the market to enter (Appx.600 words): 3) Business model analysis and SWOT analysis (Appx.1,000 words); 4) The strategic issues the company needs to address and the entry modes the company should choose in entering the market (Appx.S00 words); 5) Key management issues the company faces in specific functional areas (marketing. productionlogistics. and human resource management). and actions the company is recommended to take to address these issues (Appx2. 200 words). In the late afternoon immediately after the classes on 14 and 15 September. there arc coaching sessions on how to write the final report. Students are encouraged to discuss your ideas in teams with the Unit coordinator.
The final report should be submitted in Word format via IN’S no later than 25 October. 5pm (The team coordinator can submit it on behalf of the team). An assignment cover sheet must be attached to the assignment with the names:students ID of all members in the team. You must complete and sign the declaration. Word count needs to be identified on the cover sheet. You will receive the mark and feedback on the written report of your international business plan no later than two weeks after submission. The marking criteria are as follows.
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I) Ability to identify and evaluate the current business model of the company, the opportunities and threats the company faces in the target market, the strengths and weaknesses of the company in companson with competitors in the target market. and, most importantly, major strategic and managerial issues the company will have to address in the target market (10%); 2) Ability to integrate information, including facts and examples from your own research, to develop a logical and coherent business plan framework for analysis of these strategic and managerial issues (11%); 3) Ability to select theoretical constructs learnt from classroom and self-directed reading. and innovatively apply them to creatively addressing these strategic and managerial issues 110*/*); 4) Quality of written presentation and editorial care (4%).