Dear Dr.
Academic Fraud
It is with great disappointment that I inform you of serious cases of academic fraud in your class. It has come to my attention that some of your students have been cheating in their class work by purchasing their assignments and class essays from online freelance writers. I have credible information including video chats, copies of assignments, online communications, and emails of the different assignments that they have purchased. If you want further information regarding the identity of the students and specific assignments please reach me.
I believe that any form of academic cheating is wrong since it results in unqualified persons getting certificates that they do not deserve. You can just imagine of the grievous errors that a doctor, biologist, chemist, accountant, pilot, or engineer that cheated on his/her assignments, exams, CATS, or essays can make. Reach me as soon as possible so that we can eradicate this vice from our schools. Not only can this vice has lower your credibility and damage your reputation as a competent professor, but it can also harm the image of the entire education fraternity.
I look forward to your response and partnership in the fight against academic cheating. Help in making our schools better and also in enhancing the ethics and morals of our young ones.