I have always dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur in my entire life. In fact, I believe I was born to be a business person as nearly everything in my life has always moulded me towards this purpose. As a child, I always spent my free time in the dad’s premise watching how he goes about his business on handling and sourcing new clients. Moreover, I accompanied him in his various business trips all over the globe where he met new clients and negotiated some deals. More often than not I was present in the negotiation table hence learning the bargaining skills which are critical in the success of any business.
Besides, travelling across the globe ignited the passion in me to exploit the myriads of opportunities I came across, in my country and beyond. However, the biggest impediment to the realisation of this dream and passion is currently inadequate skills in entrepreneurship and knowledge in business management. I am primarily joining Enderun College to pursue entrepreneurship with hopes of acquiring the necessary techniques in managing business enterprises.
Enderun College is among the best institutions in this country in terms of business training. It has an ideal environment and courses, especially entrepreneurship, are tailored to not only meet the market requirements but also equip the learners to venture into private practice. The latter scenario best suits my condition as I look forward to start my company, based on the experience I had while growing up, after completing my studies.
Finally, I believe Enderun is the perfect college for me to nurture my dreams and passion. The fundamental principles of the institution which are hard work and honesty are critical as they are the pillars of success in entrepreneurship. In essence, I am looking forward to growing academically and holistically with Enderun College.