Ever since I was in high school, I have always had a great desire to understand how the economies of major cities in the world operate. The continuous technological progress, as well as the creation of employment opportunities for both local and foreign workers is one of my attraction to New York. In addition, the city has unique diversity in culture, race, and ideologies. New York City is among the largest and most diverse cities in the US. It acts as the center of trade, research, and technology on the western side of the country. Due to its integrated and diverse society, school institutions such as New York University provide a friendly and hospitable environment for individuals from diverse regions in the world.
I would like to join New York University so that I may be able to learn in this social, friendly, and yet intellectually competitive environment. The school’s professors, students, and support staff will enable me to learn and hone my economics skills. In addition, since New York has a multi-cultural society, I will be able to interact with individuals from various parts of the world. Consequently, I will broaden my knowledge on the cultures of people from different regions in the world. The city will also provide me with an opportunity to learn and practice on the skills that I have learned in school. I will be able to get internship opportunities in the various organizations, companies, and industries in the region. In turn, these internships will enable me to have a real-world experience of how economists work.
Besides New York University, I have applied for a major in economics in Abu Dhabi University. Abu Dhabi has a multi-cultural society, which is mainly composed of foreign workers. The cities astronomical prosperity from the the late 1990s to present has attracted many local and foreign businesses that have improved the regions diversity in trade and culture. Therefore, Abu Dhabi University will enable me to learn in a multicultural society. As a result, I will be able to comfortably work and live with individuals from various societies. Between New York University and Abu Dhabi University, I will prefer to go to the former. Since I have visited and lived in Abu Dhabi before, having the opportunity to study in New York University will give me more enthusiasm to learn and explore the world.