The largest population of the American people is made up of the young people, and it is believed that in the coming years, they will be holding most of the senior positions in the US government and positions of influence in a majority of the companies in the country, for this reason therefore, they will, play an important role towards shaping the future of the world. Girls have not been left behind and gaps that existed in yester years have been overcome evidenced by the fact that girls are currently competing from the same position with members of the opposite sex. Past practices where careers such as engineering were a preserve of the boy child have been overcome and girls are pursuing these careers with success.
Adolescent teen girls in America have however continued to suffer a number of challenges among which sexual exploitation is one; this has been common among black adolescents who come from low income families. Other challenges include drug and substance abuse, a big number of girls in teenage life are abusing drugs such a marijuana, cocaine and nicotine. This drugs are affecting them to the negative in a great way, and this is because of the reason that, this girls are at a crucial point of their development, as their age averages at 15- 17 years. It has also been established that adolescent teenage girls are suffering from clinical depression. Some years back, such conditions could only be recorded among adults, but this has shifted. Some of the contributing factors leading to this include immense peer pressure which has been forcing many of them to do adverse things as they seek to fit in groups and as they aim to being in the same position with their age mates. Growth of social media platforms such as face book and twitter among others has worsened the situation.