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Adversary, Motivation, and Jurisdiction
The Threat
Buy American Direct or BAD is the threat in the situation. The suspect group comprises of about ten thousand people most of whom have previous criminal records with competent educational accomplishments in the fields of economics, business administration, computing, and accounting. Among the past crimes committed by the members of this movement is the illegal use of explosives. The members of the dreadful group employ a violent approach to fulfilling their mandate usually executed through the destruction of property.
The operations of the group do not have particular times of day as the members seem to seize opportune moments to attack. The group’s threat has been identified to be dominant in Wilson with the commission of several criminal operations in the past few days. The Box Station, Inc. is a business engaged in the importation of electronics from China making it a major target for the BAD group whose primary mission is to prevent the importation of goods from China into the United States. The main aim of BAD is to intimidate the electronic importers and forcing them to stop buying products from China. The group intends to destroy the company’s operating bases, a move that would paralyze their transactions.
The Range
The team appears to have its operations spread nationally as they vowed to destroy the firm’s warehouses across the country. The indiscriminate recruitment strategy applied by the group plays a significant role in ensuring that its influence is felt across the entire nation.
The movement is most likely bound to destroy the business premises, an act that might have dangerous repercussions as it may be executed in the working hours putting the lives of the many Box Station workers of at risk.
Evidence indicates that two months before the theft incidences, the Buy American Direct group had sent a letter to the Box Entertainment Inc. highlighting the group’s disapproval of the company’s operations. The letter proceeded to warn of dire consequences which would see the gang destroy the company’s warehouses in the US in retaliation to the continued importation of Chinese products. BAD is further implicated by when a driver apprehended for transporting explosives in his vehicle testifies to the police that the ingredients were meant for use in blowing up a warehouse belonging to a company that imported Chines products. Elsewhere, a construction company had reported a case in which their site, forty-five miles from the Box Station premises, was vandalized and 2000 pounds of TNT stolen.
There have been occasional suspicious activities around the business premises with several unidentified people having made attempts to circumvent the security. Moreover, a strange van has been parking near the entrance of the facilities in recent days coupled with a red van that has been making regular visits to the area. The occupants of these vehicles were in possession of a pair of binoculars, surveying the gate of the Box Station. Two of the culprits happen to be Robert Jackson and Richard Parsons. Parsons had a previous criminal record and told the police he is the chief of an activist group.
Further evidence indicates that a drunken patron who was ejected from a local bar for being rowdy was inquiring on where the employees of the Box Station took their attires for laundry services. Besides asking about the type of identification required to access the business premises, a female suspect is also reported to have posed similar questions at the bar. In about the same time, there have been several attempts to infiltrate into the company’s systems in addition to the disappearance of cards used to access the establishment’s network.
According to Tong, Bryant & Horvath (2009), criminals unknowingly create a wide array of cues that may be used to establish a case against them. It is thus highly likely that the curious visitors managed to acquire the company uniform and consequently managed to access the company’s premises without being noticed since they were dressed in the company’s suit. The culprits might then have made attempts to infiltrate the system, an endeavor that failed since the perpetrators did not have the mandatory PIN number.
Three boats were stolen from the Wilson Marine recently. Wilson claims to have found the items missing in the morning. In the same time, several fishermen have been spotted at the river at the back of the Box Station quarters. The fishermen, however, have not been using baits in their hooks hence raising questions owing to their activities.
The Jurisdiction
The jurisdiction of this case falls under the National Explosives Task Force (NETF). NETF falls under the FBI and is composed of analysts, bomb assemblage experts and other professionals with the capability to carry out a quick analysis of a situation involving explosive devices and draft mitigation or damage limitation measures (Newton, 2003).
The FBI ought to take action by arresting the suspects as the law allows the agency to detain an individual, albeit for a short period, and interrogate them if there is enough reason to raise suspicion even in cases where no weapons have been involved (Scheb, 2002). In this particular case, there is sufficient evidence owing to the information presented by the driver of the van carrying TNT.
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