Jeep Wrangler’s advertising campaigns through the years have focused on adventure and how sexy individuals look driving a Jeep.  If you look at ads from the 1970’s they also show that Jeep Wranglers are built and meant for adventure. Wranglers are meant for more than just driving around town getting the kids and going to the grocery store. It’s about going where no other sports utility vehicle can go, whether that’s exploring beaches, climbing mountains or getting a little muddy.  The advertisement that I chose is a classic adventure. This ad was actually part of a series of three advertisement campaign. The campaign focused on the adventurous person who enjoys excitement and thrill in nature.
Color plays a big part in advertisement; your eyes are immediately drawn to the vibrant colors. Color gives depth and emotion to a picture. It can affect how a consumer feels when looking at a brand. Color can increase a brands recognition up to eighty percent. In this specific advertisement, your eyes are quickly drawn to the deep blue ocean in the background. Blue is said to be associated with peace, tranquility, reliability and of course water. You can also see the kayaks are bright fun colors to bring specific attention to them. They play a role in the adventure aspect of this ad. One of the kayaks is a bold red. The color red is physically stimulating for the body, it creates a sense of excitement, movement, and passion. The next kayak is a warm yellow with a white trimming on the bottom. Yellow is cheerful, optimistic, playful and happy. Everyone always smiles at the color yellow and associates it will the sun. When I was a kid I
would always draw the sun with a smile on its face. White often represents simplicity, innocence, and purity. The last kayak is mounted on top of the jeep. This kayak is a duller orange. Orange is fresh and youthful and reminds me of my favorite fruit. This color is also said to be adventurous, I don’t know anything more fitting than that for this advertising campaign.
There is only one model in this advertisement.  It is a guy who standing with his back to the ad and is looking out at the ocean.  He is very athletically built; the type that would be looking for adventure and someone who would enjoy driving a Jeep.  He is dressed to go kayaking on the ocean and has on a life jacket with oars over his shoulders. There are several kayaks laying on the sand near him and one still on top of his Jeep.  You wonder if he is alone or if others are just outside the picture to join his adventure.
The setting takes place on a beautiful sandy beach with mountains in the background. The setting screams adventure and excitement. The sun is shining, and you can feel the warmth by just looking at the picture. The typography plays a big role in this ad campaign. There are beaches, ocean water, and mountains in the distance, which all can be used for an adventurous time. The picture shows an old CJ-7 Wrangler perched on the edge of the shoreline just waiting to tear through the sand. Jeeps are known for their capability to go on extreme terrain. Most cars would not be able to handle driving on sand especially if it is loose and fluffy surface.
The text for this advertisement is “The Adventurer’s Best Friend”.  Jeep used two different colors for the text. The word adventurers are in all capital letters and is a different color than the other words. This was done to draw attention to the word adventure in particular because it makes the word stand out on the page from the other words.  There is also text that says, “Confidently going where few gas stations exist”. That statement also insinuates that there is adventure ahead for anyone driving a Jeep. The text is much smaller than the picture. This is because the picture is what really gives you the sense that adventure awaits.  The text is also down at the bottom of the page to not distract too much from the scene. The varying size of the fonts was combined with colors that complement the rest of the advertisement and makes it easy to read.
The Wranglers have been known for their timeless look, even an old Jeep still has a fun new vibe to it. Each model is given a series of corresponding letters to its generation. From 1955-1983 they were called CJ (with a few changes), from 1986-1995 it was called YJ, 1997-2006 was referred to as TJ. The JK was from 2007-2017 and the latest 2018 generation is called JL. The Jeep pictured in this ad is a CJ-7, but if you look in the bottom left-hand corner it is advertising a JK. The ad is wanting you to buy the new JK Wrangler, but they show you how well and how long the Jeeps last. This goes to show how Jeep Wranglers keep their iconic design.
Jeep Wrangler’s audience is typically someone who is an adventure seeker.  This ad targets individuals who enjoy off-road driving as well as a vehicle filled with options to keep driving interesting. The ad shows that if you like kayaking you can carry it on top of your Jeep and not have to worry about getting your “toys” to your adventure location.  Also, if you are someone who likes to drive your vehicle on the sand or other rough terrains it will not be a problem if you own a Jeep.
This advertisement makes adventure look sexy.  The guy looking out at the water is very athletic looking and appears to be an adventure junkie.  The Jeep advertising team is wanting you to think if you buy a Jeep Wrangler you can be like this guy who seeks adventure and looks sexy standing by the beach ready to go kayaking.