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Advocacy in Nursing
Nursing advocacy is a process through which nurses liaise with doctors and patients to ensure a better outcome in the provision of healthcare. William and Gosset (2001) detail that nurses play a major role in healthcare, such as helping patients understand their diagnoses and explaining why the prescribed treatments are the best solutions to their conditions. Also, nurses advise doctors on issues such as patient’s attitude towards certain medications and their fears and discomfort. In so doing, the nurses advocate for the well-being of the patients by ensuring that receive the best possible care. Advocacy in nursing enhances a patient’s experience by enabling him/ her to easily partner with the doctor in the treatment process and in effect enabling him/her to quickly and easily resolve medical issues that may arise in the healthcare facility.
In my current workplace, I will use advocacy skills to solve some pertinent problems such as overworking of nurses, who are strained beyond their effective limit due to a shortage of qualified nurses. According to Bennett (1999), when nurses are overworked, it is the patients who suffer because the quality of care is greatly diminished. Also, overworking of staffers can be demoralizing or cause burnouts which have negative impacts on service delivery and patient’s experience (William & Gosset, 2001). To solve this problem, I would advocate for the hiring of more nurses into the medical facility.
Advocacy requires two sets of skills, problem solving and communication. Also, the undertaking requires the presence of influence over concerned stakeholders as well as collaboration with decision makers (Bennett, 1999). In my workplace, I will use my understanding of the nature of the problem and its impact in formulating a proper solution such as the hiring of more nurses. In addition, I will apply my communication skills to detail the administrators on the extent of the problem and in persuading them to act. Besides, I will use my influence over my workmates in lobbying them to support the push for the hiring of more nurses. Finally, I will collaborate with doctors and get them to support our course because they hold control over the administration. These measures will enable the administrators to appreciate the gravity of the problem and compel them to remedy the situation.
In the nursing practice, advocacy is aimed at enhancing the outcome of the care process. Poor service delivery always affects patients’ experience and their quality of life. One of strategy for improving service delivery is ensuring that nurses have a favorable work environment such as allocation of justifiable and practical workloads because overworking of nurses leads to burnout, which can affect their performance. In light of this, I will use advocacy skills such as communication, problem-solving, collaboration, and exercising to instigate changes in my workplace.
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