Students will complete either: (A) one case conceptualization comparing and contrasting a case study using TWO different theories
Alfred Adler ( Individual Psychology)
Carl Rodger ( person-centered therapy )
In order to receive full credit for this assignment students are expected to apply two theoretical approaches in conceptualizing the case(s) provided. In order to receive full credit for these assignments, students are expected to briefly (3 pages maximum for paper) describe how you would work with this client following the general principles, concepts, and techniques that correspond to your selected theory.
Use the following subheadings and guiding questions to direct the development of your case conceptualization paper:
a.      Presenting Problem: What are the specific areas of concern? What are the specific symptoms?
b.     Formation of Presenting Concerns (as conceptualized by the specific theory): How has the client arrived at this mental state (using the lens of your chosen theory)?
c.      Therapeutic Goals/Expected Outcomes (of the counseling process)
d.     Specific Interventions (techniques, skills, strategies for change, etc)
Role of the Counselor: What specific role(s) do/es the counselor play in working with this client using your specified theory? You may also discuss the therapeutic