The game is simulated to feature the time period of 2100 whereby the world will be exploded with human population with a limited space to live in. The biggest problem on earth at that time is having a place to live in and all the scientists, biologists and researchers from various knowledgeable institutions have tried in vain to find new places for people to live in. At this period, the environment is polluted and climate change has gotten worse. The world is destroyed as cut trees and move on to mountainous regions to put up shelter there. Also, the gap between the rich and the poor has really widened as the rich acquire more land while the poor are left without even houses to live in. In this situation, the government tries to intervene and uplift the living standards of the poor, but there are too many for the government to handle. At this point the earth has become extremely overcrowded, miserable and hopeless for many. Also, people have become selfish, and there are no friendships or love among them.
One lady scientist called Roha who has always been interested in studying different spaces and the creatures of the universe steps in to establish a solution for the quagmire on earth. However, people used to call her a freak as she had alien stickers on her office door and all over the premises. Also she always said that she wanted to talk to aliens one day. Roha used to believe that there was some space elsewhere where people could live in before the population got expended. She had particularly identified one place in space that is next to earth that she believed that humans could be relocated to live there. Many thought that she was wrong as the space was transparent but after a research was conducted by three astronauts on the space for five months, it turned out to be inhabitable by humans.
Immediately, the government started relocating to the new space which was name Rohanus after Roha. She tried to warn the government of the danger of encountering aliens in the new space but they did not heard to her calls as they were in a hurry to relocated people there. Hug spaceships that ferried 5000 people at a time were used for this and the relocation was successful for many people.
In Rohanus, the people lived there for eight months without facing any issue, but then something started happening after that. There were baby aliens that started hatching all over the place and they were in large numbers. The aliens were poisonous to humans and any contact with them led to death. The government tried to control the situation by killing the aliens but they were too many. They thus looked for Roha to give a solution as she had anticipated this. Roha was assisted by soldiers and they discovered a vaccine called ‘valniola’ that reacted with a baby alien that they had captured for study. Also they found out that the baby’s legs were too weak and there was a possibility of killing them when the legs were weak. As such, all the soldiers were equipped to fight against the aliens using this tactic.
The game thus starts with the troops, soldiers and Roha are fighting against the aliens. There are medical nurses who look to treat any injured or harmed people using vaccines. The players can choose their preferred character from the ones described- Roha, soldier, doctor, or regular citizen- and the background is as illustrated above. The way to win the game is to kill all the aliens but if they are killed themselves then one can try again.