Altius Golf and Fighter Brand
Altius Golf Company is the leading seller of golf balls in the United States. Unlike its competitors who have diversified into the sale of various sports equipment, this business specializes in the sale of high-quality golf balls. Its current CEO, Evelyn Gracie, noticed that the company’s sales and revenues have been diminishing sharply since the 2008-2010 global recession. While the financial constraint during this period is partly to blame, the organization is also facing stiff competition from rivals who developed more innovative and affordable balls and better campaign strategies, which have, in turn, increased their market presence. Accordingly, the CEO wants the company wants to introduce the Altius Elevate golf balls, which will be both affordable and easy to use, primarily among non-professional golfers. This ball will be 40% cheaper than the current company’s flagship Victor TX line and will be more comfortable to drive. This paper aims at evaluating the marketing strategy of Altius Golf Company.
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