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This Indian movie was more interesting than I had thought of it. The fact that it was a comic movie had made me previously disregard it and think that it could not be used for educational purposes. What is more, I perceived it as a movie that does not have a moral point of view. Nevertheless, the movie offers a wide range of lessons from religion in India, secular democracy, and Bollywood’s pop culture. Religion in the movie has been developed through the three brothers. One was A Christian, the other was a Hindu, and the other one was a Muslim, and they were separated from one another. The use of the three religions is symbolic in the sense that it indicates that India is a religious pluralistic nation. As much as India is known to be dominated by the Hindus, the truth is that it does not discriminate against other religions and everybody has the right to worship whatever they want. In addition, Hindu, Christianity, and Islam are the most recognized and the most common religions in India as it has been depicted in the movie.
The movie has used a wide range of symbol to relate to the real situations in India. The unity of the three brothers at the end with their mother is a sign of national unity. To a larger extent, the union of the family suggests that what was lost during independence can be gained back since by parting into the different religions also indicates independence. Besides, the religion had a great role in the unification. It shows that when the different religions unite with each other, they create social harmony.