There are numerous professional nursing organizations; however our essay will focus on ANA (American Nurses Association). ANA is a professional nursing organization to protect as well as advance the career of nursing. It began in 1896 as the NAA (Nurses Associated Alumnae). In 1911 it was renamed as American Nurses Association. It is situated at Silver Spring, Maryland. The ANA states that nursing is the promotion, optimization of health as well as abilities, protection, prevention of injury as well as illness, alleviation of suffering via the treatment and diagnosis of human response, as well as advocacy in the overall care of families, communities, individuals, and populations.
2.1 Functions of American Nurses Association
ANA represents the welfares of the population’s 3.4 million recorded nurses via it’s constitute as well as state nurses associations plus its organization affiliates. Devoted towards ensuring that an ample supply of well-educated and highly-skilled nurses is available, American Nurses Association is committed towards meeting the essentials of health care consumers and nurses. ANA progresses the nursing profession via nurturing high values of nursing practices, promoting the economic as well as overall welfare of nurses within the workplace, projecting realistic and positive view of nursing, as well as lobbying the regulatory agencies and congress on health care matters affecting nurses as well as the general public.
The following are some other functions of the association; developing collective relationships with nursing as well as other health care associated groups towards exploring common interests; providing for quality within nursing education as well as nursing practice through promoting the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics as well as the ANA standards; initiating, influencing and advocating for public policy and legislation consistent per the mission of ANA; encouraging improvement of nursing knowledge via evidence based practices and research; developing as well as advocating for initiatives which support the professional development as well as continuing education of nurses;
2.2 Mission of ANA
ANA mission is committed towards the advancement of nursing profession and of excellence patient health care all over the Commonwealth.
2.3 ANA Vision
ANA vision is to be the voice of enumerated nurses through advocacy, leadership, education and practice.
3. Member Benefits
3.1Professional Development
Nurses are able to advance their knowledge via ANA continuing education opportunities. American Nurses Association Nursing Knowledge Centre provides discounted online free study modules such as audio, articles, video and slides, offering towards meeting one’s career needs and practice. ANA conferences and meetings for instance National as well as State-Level Lobby Day. Also, Navigate Nursing Webinars such as Archives of webinars accessible on Nursing provides platform for nurses to develop their profession.
3.2 Advocacy
ANA is a partner in protecting nurse’s health and safety. ANA’s HealthyNurse program helps their member nurses upkeep their own personal safety, health and wellness. Through ANA’s efforts numerous nurses than before are now having a limit on number of working hours, required breaks as well as no mandatory overtime.
3.3 State Nurses Association Membership Benefits
Opportunities as well as benefits available through ANS vary by locality. Generally, benefits include; local networking opportunities, job networking as well as career center and state association newsletter
4.1 Contact Information
Interested members may contact us via our main ANA phone numbers and address
8515 Georgia Avenue
Suite 400
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3492
301-628-5001 (fax)
1-800-274-4ANA (4262)
Also, one may contact us via e-mail addresses as follows: American Nurses Foundation (ANF):
4.2 Membership Requirement
ANA individual members will be registered nurses. Individual members are those that have been granted licenses so as to practice as registered nurses in at least 1 territory, or state of the United State. Members shall have rights towards; receiving an ANA membership card, and the American Nurse; participating in ANA delegates election. Also, members shall have the responsibilities to; uphold the ANA bylaws; pay dues as mandatory by the ANA among others.
4.3 ANA Endorsement
ANA have upheld their reputation internationally. The organization provides the best occasion to educate their members about its political process as well as towards encouraging political participation amongst all nurses, while demonstrating ANA’s ability and political power towards accomplishing its legislative as well as regulatory goals.
5. Topic for the Upcoming Meeting
Creating an environment within which nurses may speak up will be the next topic for discussion. Having a practice favorable environment which supports nurses in addressing ethical questions as well as empowering them towards addressing those concerns is also very imperative.
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