• Company Overview (Brief)

Industry, Key market segments, products/services, market position, key competitors, revenue, strategic orientation, strategic issues

  • Purpose of the Report (One sentence)

The purpose of this report is to conduct an analysis of the approach used to “Problem/Decision” of “Company/Organization Name”, suggesting improvements in the approach used and offering some alternative approaches available for the company to address the problem/decision.

  • Description and Justification of Problem/Decision/Issue (10 Marks)

Here you should answer questions such as:

  • When did the company realise the problem or the need for the decision?
  • How did they discover it?
  • How big is the problem? Who is affected? How much financial resources/loss involved? Impact on the customers, market, revenue, profit, etc.
  • Why did it happened?
    • Description and Justification of the Approach (es) Used (10 Marks)

Which approach did they use?
Companies may not disclose the approach they used.
But based on how and what they did, you should be able to identify the approach.
Logical approach? What methods? What tools?
Scenario Approach? What methods? What tools?
Ethical Approach? What methods? What tools?
Mind Games? What methods? What tools?
Any other!
2.1 Critical Appraisal of the Approach (es) Used (20 Marks)
Conceptual/theoretical strengths and weaknesses of the approach, methods and tools used.
Limitations/mistakes made during the implementation of the approach, methods, tools
Appropriateness, suitability, acceptability, feasibility of the approach. Methods, tools
2.2 Improvements in the Approach (es) Used (10 Marks)
How could they overcome limitations and weaknesses discussed above?
2.3 Other Available Approaches (Suitability) (15 Marks)
Any other two approaches other than what the company used.
For each approach, what is the underlying theory? What are the methods, and tools to be used?
Focus on justifying the suitability of the approaches
3.1 Justification of the Most Appropriate Approach (15 Marks)
Out of all the approaches discussed above, what is the best? Why?
3.2 Implementation/Application of the Most Appropriate Approach
(20 Marks)
An end to end execution plan for the best approach. How can the approach be used to solve the problem/decision discussed above? How to apply the methods and tools within the approach in addressing the problem.
3.3 Summary of Key Learning
Key findings and what you learn from them
You be listed according to Harvard Referencing Style