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The NFL, while it rakes in millions of dollars every season, it has continually failed the very people who play the only role that allows it to make so much money. The health issue of head trauma or Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy has continued to haunt the organization. While it has committed 100 million dollars towards the concussion initiatives, activists feel NFL has done little to address the recurring problem (Asselin 67). Grossing a net worth of 2.3 billion dollars, NFL is mandated to play its corporate social role of protecting the very people who ensure it of its value. The lack of concern and its continued disregard of players health needs is unethical and wrong.
The players, their family, and their dependents are victims of the unethical act by NFL. The owners of the NFL franchise, its employees, and the football teams’ owners are the major stakeholders of the business franchise. The NFL is currently facing 4,500 lawsuits worth I billion dollars by former players blaming the NFL for hiding known concussion risks (Nowinski 45-57). The lawsuit has been extended to cover future possible concussion of immediate former players and current players.
The NFL in its website has tried to underline measures that it is undertaking towards the protection of its players. It needs to institute measures and policies that help protect the players against play-related injuries. The NFL also needs to set up a health insurance kitty for its current and ex-players as a means of taking care of them, long after their play time has ended.
American football is one of the oldest sport in America, and this has accorded it a generational following that allows the NFL franchise to thrive despite its ethical issues. NFL is a corporate whose main aim is financial gain. It places its own financial interest before the interests of the players.
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