Completing my final year project successfully and graduating in the past two years is an intellectual experience which gives me great satisfaction. After studying for three years in college, the time had finally come for me to do my write-up project, present it to my lecturers and wait for my verdict on whether I would graduate or not. Throughout my college years, I had come to dread this category of examination in my college education as it was generally the toughest hurdle to jump in anticipation for possible graduation or lack thereof.
It is not only me but also most of my colleagues were afraid of presenting the final project as the lecturers were known to grill the candidates through very intense sessions that saw a good number failing. For one to graduate, they would need to have scored higher grades in the preceding subjects which would compensate in case one failed in the project. Considering that my performance in the previous three years was average, I knew that I had to give my final project the best write-up and presentation if I was to graduate.
I, therefore, did intensive research and come up with a very interesting title for my project. In addition, I took the time to carefully write the paper using very informative and captivating verbiage that would capture the eye of my supervisor. Add to this, I also practiced on my presentation skills with the help of my girlfriend and on the day of the presentation, I was lucky to put my best foot forward. To my utter surprise, I managed to not only pass in my final year project but also got awarded an A grade which boosted my overall grade and graduated. My supervisor even commended my performance in the project. This experience made me realize that one can achieve whatever they want if they put their mind and effort into achieving it.