5 (28 points, 7 for each) Ann consumes two goods X and Y, his utility function isU(X, Y ) = 2XY 2. Suppose the price of X is $10, while the price of Y is $15. Ann’sincome is $500.(a) Write the expression for indifference curve when Ann gets utility level 40. Andalong the indifference curve you found, calculate out the numbers of consumptionof X when Y=4.(b) Write the expression for Ann’s budget constraint, graph the budget constraint anddetermine its slope.(c) Determine the X, Y combination which maximizes Ann’s utility, given her budgetconstraint. And figure out what’s marginal rate of substitution (MRS) betweentwo goods at that maximization point. ?UN ?X ote: You can define MRS = ?U either way is fine. ?Y(d) Suppose now the price of X is changed to 15, calulate the impact on Ann’s optimumchoice. What’s the change to her maximized utility?