Learning objectives: 

  1.  Understand and use the language, theories and methods used by sociologists
  2. Connect course material to learning in other general education courses or courses in their major
  3. Gain confidence in written communication and professional presentation using graphics
  4. Gain confidence in using the library resources


  1. Select a topic links sociology to the career to which you aspire. Feel free to explore chapters in your text that we did not have time to cover during the semester.
  2. Use electronic resources in the library to begin a literature review concerning your topics. I typically use a combination of Sociological Abstracts and Google Scholar to find relevant articles.  Use peer-reviewed articles published since 2000, unless you have some compelling evidence that an article is “classic”.  Select five empirical articles you might use in your paper and create an annotated bibliography.    See the link on e-learn for guidance on writing an annotated bibliography.
  3. For each of your selected articles you create an entry in your annotated bibliography.
  1. Create a reference in either APA or ASA style.
  2. Identify the key question asked in the article
  3. Identify the methods used to answer the question using the powerpoint slides posted on e-learn and Chapter 2 of your text. For example, did the authors collect data using a survey or did they field research.  Describe if this is qualitative or quantitative research.
  4. What were the key findings of this research?
  5. Use an arrow diagram to summarize relationships between variables or concepts. Indicate whether the relationships are negative or positive.

Deliverables:  The annotated bibliography in the format described above.
Evaluation:  Each entry is worth five points, a point for each requirement, and this will add up to a total of 25 points.
Hard due date:   11/20