Annotated Bibliography
Specialized References
Worell, Judith. Encyclopedia of Women and Gender, Two-Volume Set (1st Ed.). Academic Press, Oct. 16, 2001.
This book gives a definition of various medical terms, including abortion. It also discusses the current progress of healthcare and specifically reproductive health. Regarding health, it mentions various laws that have been established or amended to enhance the provision of quality reproductive health care to women in the United States. The text acknowledges that although there have been challenges in establishing a universal framework for dealing with abortion, on the overall, there has been significant progress in ensuring there is accessible, safe, and affordable reproductive health care for women.
Bailey, Jacqui. Abortion. The Rosen Publishing Group, 2011.
The book Abortion by Bailey gives a detailed view about abortion in the work. It first by giving a definition of abortion and giving a report from people who have gone through the procedure. It also gives a legal view on abortion. In addition, the paper talks about the health and welfare of persons that would love to go through the procedure. Although the paper does not authoritatively state whether abortion is appropriate or not, it observes that abortion is an important social issue that should be examined by all stakeholders.
Marecek, Jeanne, Catriona Macleod, and Lesley Hoggart. ‘Abortion in Legal, Social, and Healthcare Contexts.’ Feminism & Psychology, vol. 27, no. 1, 2017, pp. 4-14.
This article addresses the legal, social, and healthcare aspects of in which abortion occurs. The paper considers the diverse social, ethical, cultural, and political reasons that can make a woman to terminate a pregnancy. In addition to evaluating the diverse contexts in which abortion occurs, it considers the psychological implications of these contexts. In this regard, the paper establishes the contexts and conditions that women may seek to terminate a pregnancy. It also sets the conditions that providers of these services should consider before performing an abortion.
Ardestani, Abbas, Mahdi Esfahani, & Seyed Husseini. ‘Abortion in the Views of Different Religions and Laws.’ Journal of Politics and Law, vol. 9, no. 4, 2016, pp. 99-110.
This paper examines both the legal and religious perspective of abortion among Muslims, for both the Sunni and Shia Muslims. The paper notes, that in principle, abortion is forbidden in Islam; however, there are specific circumstances that it can be allowed. Legally, abortion is fully allowed, partially allowed, or not allowed at all depending on the social and cultural perspective of a community. On the overall, the researchers note that all Islamic jurists consider abortion as haram once there is spirit incarnation.
New York Times Article
West, Lindy. “To Save Abortion Rights, We Have to Think Beyond Roe.” The New York Times, 11 April 2018. Accessed 3 May 2018.
This article talks about the serious lack of adequate abortion facilities in same states. Six states- Kentucky, Mississippi, North Dakota, West Virginia and Wyoming- the only available clinic is operated by independent care providers. West notes that despite this shortage, Gov. Phil Bryant of Mississippi seeks to make it even harder for women to have an abortion by banning abortion after 15 weeks. Therefore, although the federal law gives women the right to abort, their freedoms will be strained. Worse, the law is not inclusive since rich people like Bryant can simply go to states that allow the procedure. For Mississippi, where the average household income is about $40,000, the law will make most women lack access to abortion services.
Newspaper Article
Hogue, Ilyse. “Think Abortion Should be Punished? Take a Look Around.” Washington Post, 30 April 2018. Available from Accessed 3 May 2018.
This article gives the views of conservative writer Kevin D. Williamson on abortion. Hogue notes that Williamson views that people should not abort are common among some conservatives. He even notes that some states such as Ohio have made it more difficult for women to abort by introducing laws that are too punitive to abortion perpetrators. Hogue asserts that the views of ultra-conservative people like Williamson have made it more difficult for women to seek reproductive health care in the country, which has made accessing abortion services costly, difficult, and humiliating.
World Wide Web Source
Winter Jessica. “Roy Moore, Abortion, and the Presumption of Innocence.” The New Yorker 27 Nov. 2017. Accessed May 3, 2018.
This paper is about the controversy surrounding the Moore-Jones, a Republic candidate. Although Moore is accused of pedophile by Leigh Corfman, one of her alleged victims, he has received significant support from the church, including one from Flip Benham, an evangelical pastor who is also an anti-abortion activist. The conservative Alabama state, where Jones is standing as a Senate is torn between voting for a potential pedophile or voting for an abortionist. Despite the region being religiously inclined, Benham support came as a surprise, especially since he is a preacher.