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Annual Performance Review Form
Team Leader Name: _______________________________________________________
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Basic Employee Information
Employee’s Name/ Number  
Job Position Human resource (HR) coordinator


Accountability, Objectives, and Standards Exceeds Expectation Meets Expectation Needs Improvement N/A
Accountability A HR coordinator should ensure the company hires competent personnel. He/she should establish they are provided with appropriate remuneration on a timely basis. Yes      
Objectives The HR coordinator has the duty of ensuring the company has a sufficient number of employees. He/she should ensure there is a stable work relationship between workers and the organization. Yes      
Standards The HR officer should be able to recruit competent employees. He/she should be able to train them and address their work-related concerns. Yes      


Competence and Indicators Exceeds Expectation Meets Expectation Needs Improvement N/A
Competence The HR coordinator should be able to recruit qualified employees, train them, and decide those to be promoted, demoted, or fired. He/she should also have proper communication and conflict resolution skills. Finally, he/she should have proper managerial skills and ability to make sound decisions. Yes      
Indicators The company’s employees should have proper academic qualifications needed for their respective job positions.
There should be a low staff-turnover in the organization.
All payments to employees should be made when due.
There should not be riots and strikes due to low pay or poor work environment in the company.


Developments Achievements Exceeds Expectation Meets Expectation Needs Improvement N/A
Gone for three training seminar
Started learning a professional course.
The HR coordinator should have at least two training seminars every six months to improve his/her skills.
The HR coordinator should undertake one professional course after every three years of working with the company to enhance his/her knowledge.


Development Needs, Plans, and Goals Exceeds Expectation Meets Expectation Needs Improvement N/A
Needs The HR coordinator should be confident and decisive when managing employees. This skill will enable him/her to lead the company’s workers.     Yes  
Plans The HR coordinator should go for a three months training on leadership       Yes
Goals The HR officer should gain skills in decision-making and how to coordinate employees to enable more growth within the organization.       Yes


Stakeholders Input Exceeds Expectation
None N/A


Employee’s Comments
Personal Growth I will go through a three months course on leadership to build my confidence. The training will also enable me to develop management skills that will assist me when solving work-related conflicts. Finally, thank you for the assessment because it has revealed to me some of my weaknesses and shown me how I can correct them.

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