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Application Essay for Masters of Social Work Program
Why I want to be a social worker
The man reason why I want to be a social worker is to be an advocate for the vulnerable individuals in the society. Experiencing childhood in my secondary school I seen a great deal of hurt and segregation to my loved ones also, to others. I generally thought about and addressed whether we had a voice. It was not until my senior year in secondary school when I work shadowed a social laborer until I found that voice. I saw everything she accomplished for kids who were unfit to go to bat for themselves. I saw that she battled for them to have a better life, and she did whatever she needed to do to achieve that. It was not until I took my first two social specialist classes and volunteered with my social laborer that it truly clicked for me that this is the place I need to be. This is the place I am to assume to be able to make this world a superior spot. In school, I was truly removed from my usual range of familiarity and I figured out how favored I was. I too came to acknowledge how others around me on occasion were off guard. Experiencing childhood in a network that upheld me and showed me my identity, my character, I never needed to address who I was or my motivation since I had individuals who demonstrated to me what it intended to be me, to be a Native Lady.
I am not saying I know myself and I definitely know my motivation yet I am stating I have support. I have support from my family, companions, and network to be as well as can be expected be. To make a distinction in this world. So should not something be said about the general population who do not have this kind of promotion to be as well as can be expected be throughout everyday life? Should not something be said about the general population who do not consider school or cannot indeed, even endure grade school in light of the fact that their physiological and security needs are not met. Should something not be said about the general population who are abused as a result of the shade of their skin, I have been an unfortunate casualty of this sort of separation and I know how it feels to be investigated on the grounds that I was not the mentors or instructors inclination? Should something not be said about the abuse for the general population who are poor, distinction in religious convictions, minorities, inabilities, and the LGBTQ populace?
Who goes to battle for these individuals who is a promoter for these populaces? Social laborers are these populaces’ most grounded allies. A social specialist’s responsibility is to ensure everybody has break even with rights and financial equity. Social work was intended to help other people. So one of the numerous reasons why I need to be a Social Worker is on the grounds that I need to be a backer for the majority of the populaces who cannot support themselves or need assistance in equity. I need to be an extension for individuals so they can better themselves and know their self-esteem, much like my locale and family accomplished for me. I generally realized I needed to help individuals. I generally realized I needed to remain in the hole for somebody.
Social concern
I am increasingly concerned about gender discrimination as a social worker. One of the numerous social issues that I am keen on is the segregation among sex. From the earliest starting point we have been informed that guys should act a specific way and a females should act another. Guys are assume to be the Alpha in the family, work environment, and in the public eye, while the Females are compliant, and second in direction. This generalization empowers ladies to imagine that they are just ready to be second in direction, that they can never be the supervisor, or the CEO of an organization, legal counselor, specialist, or the provider for her family. This generalization not just damages lady it harms men also. What happens when a man needs to be a medical caretaker and individuals ask him for what valid reason is he not a specialist, or in the event that he needs to be a stay at home father. Society would tell men that these are ladies employments and they are not ‘man enough’ if they do these sort of employments. This is a hindrance for sexual orientation jobs and it harms the two populaces, male what’s more, female.
This separation is broad to the point that it influences something beyond one age. This generalization influences you when you are a child. When you are conceived you are enclosed by either a pink or blue cover with a coordinating cap contingent upon your sex and it does not stop their as you get more seasoned just young men are assume to wear kid garments and young ladies wear young lady garments. As you become more established into a little child you are given toys dependent on your sexual orientation trucks for young men, and dolls for young ladies. Sports are straightforward with regards to which sexual orientation plays certain games. Be that as it may how can it be that society just believes that young men should play football, baseball, and hockey. While as it were young ladies ought to be permitted to cheerlead, and do tumbling. As we get more seasoned nothing truly changes from contrast in toys, sports to distinction in pay. Ladies are payed not as much as men in nearly each occupation. There is additionally influences ladies on the off chance that they are pregnant or in the event that they get pregnant. Most administrators consider pregnancy to be a shortcoming and separate towards moms or future moms.
Code of ethics in NASW
The Code of Ethics is a guide for the social work calling to pass by. They remain as the social laborers rules, obligations, and morals (National Association of Social Workers, n.d.). This code holds each expert Social laborer responsible for their activities and choices in the working environment. One of these qualities that is separated of the Code of morals is “Respect and Worth of the Person” this esteem enables Social Workers to remain unprejudiced to various populaces that they are not separated of or unconscious. This esteem safeguards that every social laborer regards every individual with respect and self-esteem. This esteem guarantees that social laborers remain careful to every individual’s ethnicity, social foundation, generalizations, and decent variety that they face. This esteem enables social specialists to be that connect between individuals of contrasts and the segregation of society. This esteem is one that I was use to ensure that I give my customers the regard that they merit regardless of how unique they are from me, and I will likewise help them gain regard from others or help them locate their social equity.
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