1. Electronically typed
  2. Double-spacing
  3. Times New Roman
  4. 3000 words in length (excluding any included appendices).
  5. Not more than 20% of plagiarism and 5% of individual sources.
  6. Assignment should be converted to PDF file before uploading to JIRA

BLACKBOARD submission

  1. Content of assignment

JIRA submission

  1. Assignment (including the Cover page, content & list of references)
  2. Marking Rubric
  3. SafeAssign report

Key answers:

  1. Examine and discuss the key challenges relating to corporate responsibility and the ethical views adopted by firms; relating to your chosen industry.


  1. From your research of the industry; analyse and explain how firms within your chosen industry are creating sustainable practices in comparison to their competitors


  • Why the firms have opted to applying these practices (include discussion if the practices are newly adopted and not previously existing).


  • (You can analyse at least one industry with its competitors.)


  1. Make recommendations for firms in the industry to show they are being more ethical by taking into account multinational considerations (identify any differences in national culture which may affect differing ethical philosophies).


  • (Your recommendation can include activities by other industries that can be applied to your chosen industry.)