Assignment Guidelines
A Directed Literature Search
This assignment will allow you to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to search for and discuss two papers using a range of pre-selected Databases. You are required to source papers by using a combination of search terms from the pre-determined list below. This will enable you to look at cross-field issues which may relate to your practice.
Assessment mode
You may use as many of these pre-selected Databases as you wish but please do not use any other databases.  You are required to use a selection of 2 search terms that will be applicable across all fields.
RCN Journals’ package (RCNi)
You must use one search term from List A and one search term from List B
List A                                 List B
Depression                         Exercise
Obesity                                Smoking
Asthma                                Alcohol
Anxiety                                Life expectancy/mortality
Cancer                                  Learning disability or mental health
Diabetes                              Children or Older adults
For example:  Asthma and Older Adults; Anxiety and Exercise
Assessment Criteria:  You will be required to:
Identify and apply methods to gather information from a variety of authoritative sources to inform nursing theory and practice (LO2)
Assignment profile

Section Content Suggested word limit
Give a rationale for your choice of search terms outlining your search strategy to include;
Which databases were selected and why you selected them
Any Inclusion or Exclusion criteria
e.g. articles not older than 10 years, articles which have been peer reviewed articles which are available in English.
Appropriate use of referencing is required.
Main body of assignment Give an overview of your chosen papers and outline the purpose of your selected articles. This should include the findings, as well as any implications for patients/carers/organisations and any recommendations for practice or further research.
Appropriate use of referencing is required.
500 words per article
Conclusion With reference to the two chosen articles, summarise the key aspects that have arisen from your discussion. Include relevant implications for practice and any recommendations if appropriate.
Appropriate use of referencing is required.