Scenario: There is a growing demand for high quality/low cost film production space and services, especially from American Producers. You are the executive vice president of production for Warner Bros. in Burbank, California. The president has asked you to reduce the overall film production costs. Your goal is to maintain quality and reliability at a reduced cost by identifying an area outside of the United States to become your exclusive movie production studio.

  1. Identify two international locations of your choosing (city, country). Describe the locations and your reasoning for their selection.


  1. Evaluate both locations – Please research & discuss SWOT (what Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats does each country possess?) Some examples are: Geographic location (stability), Demographics, Culture, Education, History, Politics, Corruption, Taxes, Currency exchange rate, Infrastructure, Transportation, Climate, Crime Rate, Unemployment, Language barriers, Internet/Technology infrastructure, Cost of doing business in USA vs overseas, labor relations, Other Factors.


  1. Recommendations & Implementation- what location would you select and why?


  1. Your job is formulate a viable strategy for the new studio and in doing so, integrate principles and apply lessons from course assignments (You do not need to use all of these).

Some examples/suggestions are: Apple (market structure, technology and innovation), McDonald’s (branding, competitive advantage), Starbucks (value creation, differentiation, distinctive competencies), Wal-Mart (Name recognition, strategy, pricing/prices/labor), IKEA (learning from missteps, responsiveness to customers, supplier relations), Nike (labor conditions, wages), Costco (profitability, no advertising – can you open  a new studio and not advertise?), Whole Foods (growth strategy, how to deal with competitors), Amazon (Vision, Leadership, benefits and limitations of online), Toyota (efficiency, production planning process, continuous improvement, design layout), Home Video Games (Trends, what customers are you targeting?).

  1. The Final Paper will be 6-8 pages (not including title page and references) and must be written in MLA format. I will only allow a maximum of 10 pages.
  2. Times new roman: 12 font.
  3. The Final Paper should include a minimum of 4 references and maximum of 6.
  4. No filler: No graphs, charts, images, bullet points, calculations, etc.
  5. No Wikipedia.

Due: Upload to Blackboard by or before Friday, December 16, 2016 at 11pm. No extensions will be granted