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This article basically talks about how the Australian government rejected a proposal by the referendum council composed of indigenous people appointed by the government. The main aim of the proposal was to seek a national referendum to amend the Australian constitution and enable the creation of a body representing the indigenous people. This proposal was met with hostility as the Australian officials together with the prime minister stated that adding a body to recognize the indigenous people was neither desirable nor would it win even if a referendum was held. The government mainly cited that the proposal would not be successful without solid evidence.
Top China Issues to Watch in 2017
This article discusses the main economic and geopolitical issues that the Chinese people ought to be concerned with in 2017. One of the issues is whether China’s slagging economy can keep up with its growth targets. The other concern is about Hong Kong’s chief executive election and how Beijing is expected to be supportive. The third major issue discussed in the post regards the scheme to squeeze Tsai Lng-Wen, the Taiwanese into submission with president Donald Trump’s administration being the key player. Most importantly, among other issues, the article has talked about Brexit, how and when it will happen, as well as how it will affect China.
Here are all the controversial things that the Trump administration has done so far
In this news article, Choi has discussed the controversial things that have emerged from Trump’s administration ever since he became president in 2016. In the first month since assuming office, Trump’s administration has appeared controversial in the public’s eyes. A significant number of officials have resigned, Trump faced a difficult time filling in his cabinet, fighting with the press and criticism has increased. What is more, the fact that President Donald Trump signed an order banning travelers from 7 Muslim countries from moving into the United States has been highlighted as one of the most controversial things that Trump’s administration did.
The last line of defense: Indigenous rights and Adani’s land deal
This article typically discusses the last defense regarding the indigenous rights and the Adani’s land deal. Typically, W&J has engaged in a lawsuit struggle for their indigenous rights regarding land ownership as per the Adani Carmichael coal mine. The authors have indicated that the legal struggle is based on the fact that the Queensland government approved the title leases for Adani without asking for the consent of W&J. W&J is an indigenous movement in Australia that has recently risen and to fight of the indigenous people as dictated in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. The article has clearly articulated the issues faced while these people are seeking justice in the Australian courts.
Commonwealth bank faces legal action over failure to disclose climate change risk in the report
This news article basically discloses the case of two individuals who sued the Commonwealth Bank of Australia for failure to reveal in its annual report, how its financial status is affected by climate change. The two individuals, Guy and Kim Abrahams were shareholders in the company and they filed a lawsuit because they felt that the company went against the Corporations Act that demands businesses to indicate their true financial statuses in their reports. The authors of this article have given deeper information regarding the case and one of the lawyers who specialize in environmental cases claimed that the judgment in the case would have great repercussions.
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