Factors on aircraft safety and maintenance
Initially, I thought that aircraft maintenance is similar to that of any other vehicle. However, on watching the video, I learned that aircraft maintenance is more detailed and requires the people attending to the care to follow prescribed procedures (YouTube). Also, unlike a car where one mechanic is sufficient to service a car, an aircraft needs more than one and is done in shifts (YouTube).
I also learned that for an aircraft, the simplest errors such as not tightening bolts could cause a major accident. Besides, I found out that speeds as well as altitude are crucial factors and should be put to consideration. In the aircraft, a difference of 44 knots caused the accident (YouTube).
A comparison of ethical conducts between employees of Continental Express 2574 and Alaska Airline 261
A difference exists between the ethical behaviors between the two airlines. One, for 2574, the employees made the mistakes based on ignorance. Some of them did work that was not meant for them, such as the inspector doing work meant for the mechanics (YouTube). The employees also expressed ignorance because they neglected the significance associated with the paperwork (YouTube). On the other hand, employees for Alaska Airline 261 followed the correct procedures required of them (Woltjer and Erik 5). For them, the accident was more caused by faulty parts than human error.
Primary probable cause of the accident
Initially, the people who conducted the investigations had thought that the crash was triggered by a bomb. The thought of a bomb being the trigger was attributed to the confessions narrated by the eye witnesses that the plane had caught fire before hitting the ground. Investigations were conducted, and the claim dismissed (YouTube). Later on, the cause of the accident was established, which was that the plane had lost its stabilizer, a leading edge. From the video, it was determined that the parts of this component were not properly attached, and therefore the primary probable cause of the accident was established to be human error (YouTube). One, the person who was supposed to be inspecting the mechanics assumed a role that was not meant for them. He also missed to include some information in the paperwork. The procedure of transition between shifts between the mechanics was also not correctly followed (YouTube).
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