The Baldrige Criteria

A company’s strategic plans influence its growth and performance. AtlantiCare is one such company that has established the Baldrige Criteria, which has enabled it to improve the quality of its services, leading to higher profits. The Baldrige Criteria entails the use of total quality management (TQM), through which a company can enhance its performance in all aspects of production. The AtlantiCare’s TQM has helped it increase the quality of its services, workplace and customer care relationships, growth, and financial performance.
How might the different categories of the Baldrige Criteria relate to the strategic challenges that AtlantiCare Faced?
The focus on quality has enabled the company to ensure that it provides appropriate healthcare services to its clients. By devolving its decision-making role from top management to officers in lower ranks, AtlantiCare has fostered growth and improved its performance. As a result, employees who deal directly with clients can customize their services to satisfy the unique needs of the clientele (Griffin 89). Therefore, this method has made the organization offer high-quality services to its customers. Besides, the firm has established strategic plans, through which it has been able to improve the quality of its services. In particular, AtlanticaCare has embraced the use of technology, which has increased safety in its healthcare service. The introduction of a transparent communication system has enhanced trust between the hospital and its patients.
Another strategic approach in Baldrige Criteria that Atlantic Care has benefited from is the improvement of its customer care service. The firm collects web-user data, analyzes the call center trends, conducts focus groups, and evaluates its accessibility by clients. It then uses this information to improve its customer care service. In particular, the firm established its Access Center, which enables customers to access physicians and request for various healthcare services. Consequently, this method has made AtlantiCare increase its customer satisfaction levels, market share, and revenues.
The strategy of improving its workplace and relationship with its personnel has enabled the firm to enhance its employees’ skills and the quality of services they provide to the clients. AtlantiCare focuses on recruiting, training, and retaining highly skilled employees. The selective recruitment of only the best workers enables it to have a team of personnel that can offer quality services (Bateman and Snell 201). By continuously training its staff, AtlantiCare fosters the skills of its employees, further raising the quality of service. Finally, the firm retains most of its workers by offering them competitive salaries. This method ensures that there is permanent growth in the company.
The Baldrige Criteria strategy of growth is another tactic that AtlantiCare has used to increase its performance. In particular, the firm has fostered sound engagement with its physicians, which has enhanced their collaboration and partnerships. AtlantiCare has also identified and prioritized various healthcare service opportunities. Lastly, it has created sustainable growth in areas outside its primary service. These tactics have enabled the organization to increase its presence and performance in the healthcare industry.
AtlantiCare has used Baldrige Criteria to increase its financial performance. In particular, the strategy has enabled it to identify various opportunities in the healthcare service. Furthermore, establishing the Baldrige Criteria has resulted in sustainable growth outside the company’s primary service area. The additional growth outside the organization’s main area of operation has contributed to an increase in profits and improved the overall performance.
What lessons can other organizations learn from AtlantiCare experience?
AtlantiCare’s experience can provide other organizations with important insight on how they can grow their businesses. In particular, it can show them the importance of total quality management in improving a company’s overall performance. Through this method, an organization can identify the factors that influence its operations and rectify the areas where it is underperforming.
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