Case Study – Bambi & Rogers V/S. High Class Entertainment
The law gave inside the case parcel does not address regardless of whether the tips gathered from the artist’s number towards the lowest pay permitted by statute which would be owed to them if they were workers. This cannot be cleared up since the request is a bit much for the indictment of the stated cases. The response to this request is a bit much for the indictment of the declared cases. From the case certainties, we can expect that every one of the testimonies has been marked; they don’t have signature lines or marks on them. Depositions have been characterized by the deponents. It is impermissible for a promoter/observer to challenge that they did not sign his or her statement). FLSA section 255 represents the statute of limitation, which performs of any causes like unpaid minimum wage, compensation and liquidated damage under FLSA, The Walsh Healey Act and Bacon Davis Act. In addition, the 29 U.S. codes 216(b) is mentioned in the case; this code deals with penalties. Code 216(b) states that any employer who violates this code is liable to the employee or employer affected in the amount of their unpaid minimum wages in this case.
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