Barbara Martin is a fit and well 68 year old woman who works full time as a very successful business owner. Barbara has never been married and has no children but she does have a wide circle of friends who live both near and far. Barbara’s parents, Arthur and Enid, who
are 93 and 91 respectively, live independently in a nearby town but both are in frail health and making increasing demands on Barbara’s time. Her close friend, Jim, is retired and cannot understand why Barbara continues to work. While Jim has many hobbies and interests. Barbara has always been immersed in her work, which she finds satisfying.
1Q. In relation to this scenario consider and discuss the perspectives of Barbara, Arthur and Enid and Jim and possible courses of action from these perspectives. Discuss and evaluate a range of theories of ageing that may shape the beliefs and attitudes of the different people
involved. Analyze the way in which age intersects with other social categories in this scenario, such as gender, class, ethnicity and sexuality. Include a discussion of the physical and biological changes that may have an impact on Barbara’s situation.(1000 words)