Effective communication at interpersonal level is where all the parties involved in a discussion can understand each without distortion of the intended message. Communication forms part of our daily lives hence we need to understand each other to avoid any conflict that arises from miscommunication. In an office set up, effective communication is essential to the success of an organization by enhancing the productivity of the employees. However, there are several barriers to noise, culture and different languages that result in in miscommunication. This paper looks into the five the five basic principle of communication by providing an instance where the miscommunication arises from a board meeting.
Various instances can result in miscommunication since the individual do not adhere to these five basic principles. For example, in a company’s board meeting if the chairperson insists that only his or her opinion must pass without explaining it exhaustively to the members, then miscommunication is likely to arise. In this instance, the misunderstanding is a result of several factors among them the chairperson not adequately expressing his or her views, downplaying other members’ opinion, failing to respect them and not acknowledging that everyone has his or her different opinion (Ellen & Loewy, 2012).
In the above scenario, the barrier to the effective communication in a board meeting is due to several factors among them the disregard of ethical requirements that one should listen to others. By the board chairperson not expressing herself in a precise manner to the members, he or she creates a room for misunderstanding of the proposed ideas. Inability to express one’s self comfortably is one of the barriers to effective communication as the listener might not get the message as intended.
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