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To be your own woman is a popular concept e especially in the modern era. Over the years, women have not only been portrayed as inferior to men but they have also contributed to the notion that women are weaker beings who do not make their own choices and are dependent on the males (Maynard 28). Nevertheless, education and women empowerment have largely contributed to making many to be “their own women.” Being your own women means acting independently and with confidence.
To start with being your own women beans that one behaves independently by making her own decisions. It can be concluded that unlike the traditional female, modern women has more right to decide on their own. During the early decades, wives, for instance, mostly relied on their husbands to make many decisions (Maynard 31). For example, they would seek permission to visit their parents, go to the church, or to the market from their men. Today, a woman can choose to go wherever she wants at any time and do what she likes without necessarily involving external parties. A lady can decide that she will move into a new house, go to dinner, or pursue a certain career without consulting anyone. This is what it means to act independently, and hence, being a woman of your own.
A widely held perception is that a woman who is financially stable are women of their own (Maynard 31). Well, this is one way of being a woman of your own but it does not necessarily mean you are totally independent. A woman may not rely on other people for money but could be dependent on others for making other choices such as what career is the best for them or how to go about a certain activity, among others.
Not allowing yourself to be manipulated or being confident largely determines how you become your own woman. One cannot live alone and interacting with other people is an important aspect of our lives. Nevertheless, this makes it easy for one to be influenced by other people. A woman who is her own is to a large extent a principled woman (Maynard 34). If you are principled it becomes hard for other people to interfere with those values. For instance, a lady may have friends who take alcohol but she has never let herself be manipulated into drinking no matter how her friends insist that she should try. Such a woman is confident in her independent-mindedness and therefore, qualifies as a woman of her own.
Additionally, to be a woman of your own means that one is aware of what one is doing whether it is right or wrong. After all, people have diverse views of what is immoral and what is immoral. An independent-minded woman cannot stop what she is doing if she believes it is the correct even if others think that it is evil. In other words, women of their own are self-conscious and are not after confirming or meeting society’s expectations.
Sometimes, the concept of being your own woman is often misunderstood especially by the members of the opposite sex. Men might regard women who act independently as being proud or even as feminists (Maynard 35). However, this is not true since one can have pride or a feminist but still vulnerable when it comes to their abilities to make self-governing decisions.
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