My stay in Chester city is one of the most memorable moments of my life. Though it has been four years since I flew back home, the vivid memories of this spectacular city still linger on my mind. For beginners, Chester city, located in England, is one of the most beautiful places in the world. The city derives its beauty from the rich landscape of mountains, rivers, historical buildings and parks. The scenic view of the city from the mountains is spectacular. One gets to catch a breathtaking view of the lush green shrubs and the rivers that dot Chester city. One gets the ‘on-top-of-the-world’ feeling. Today as I reminisce over my stay in this scenic city, I cannot help fighting the nostalgia that is clouding my mind. This city is a must-see for anyone hoping to visit England soon.
Perhaps the city owes its beauty to the works of Romans of the medieval times. Most of the buildings in this city are ornamentally decorated, having a trace of ‘Rome’ in them. You witness history in every corner of this city. The Roman Amphitheatre, currently under excavation is a testimony to this. Medieval half-timber buildings are a sure indicator that this city is of Roman architecture.
Chester city is located north -West of England. This historic city boasts of walled streets, trees that dot the landscape, calm rivers, museums, historic events, superb hotels and state-of-the-art shopping malls. What’s more, the streets are designed in two tiers and each street is covered in a canopy of arched ceilings that extend to meet each other, so if you a have a thing for shopping you do not have to be worried about weather.
During the day, the city is a beehive of activities, each person minding their own businesses. What melted my heart during my stay in Chester was the hospitality of the people. During my first days I would get lost in the heart of the city, only to be assisted by a cheery man or lady, and be shown the right streets and address. After a couple of days I got used to street numbering and naming.
Most of the time when I was not in class I preferred climbing the mountains, and at the top I would close my eyes and let a surge of emotion rush through my body. The feeling was terrific. Opening my eyes, I would wallow in awe of the scenic nature below: lush, green dots of well manicured shrubs, the blue reflection of the sky on river Dee, the beauty of the ancient buildings with a hint of Roman architecture on them. Nature had so much to offer….Later when I had taken it all in, I would stroll in the streets, in the heat of summer. Like a typical tourist I wore sandals, a cow boy hat, sleeveless shirts or T-shirts, and loose pants. The streets were well manicured, sparkling clean.
Apart from occasional hooting of buses and horn blasts of the sub-terrain electric trains, everything else was calm. Every one went about their businesses as usual.
There were moments when my friends and I would swim in river Dee, enjoying the cold bath that took away the heat of the day. During winter, I preferred to stay indoors, most of the time enjoying the warmth of my blanket. When my friends came over and suggested that we stroll, I would wear my woolen jacket, hand gloves and heavy pants. The restaurants were our favorite destinations. The cuisines are wonderfully delicious. We sampled the delicacies, having a fusion of culture and class. I especially enjoyed the shrimps. Their coffee is spectacular. I could not get enough of the coffee. I used to drink hours on end, until my friends literally dragged me out. How I miss the cuisine!
Come weekends, when I was free from course work I liked to climb the bridge suspended over river Dee.
The view of the street and the traffic below was spectacular. My vantage point from the bridge allowed me clear view of the great river Dee. The road intersections must have been a darling master piece of some genius engineer, or designer. I have never liked Math, or Physics, so forgive my naivety. Anyway, the streets below were a bee-hive of activity, vehicles expertly maneuvering their way through the tunnels, under the by-passes, and over the by-passes. It was like watching another James Bond movie. The sight of merry tourists and holy day makers made me conscious of my loneliness.
The cruises in the river were wonderful. One moment the cruise boats were speeding against the current, another moment some devil-daring fun makers were skiing along the current. Not my kind of thing. I had phobia for water.
At night the city becomes live, bursting with activities. Bars, pubs, night clubs become the order of the day. Red lights and sodium lights flood the streets. Chester city at night is a breathtaking sight. The city is full of activities. Loud music plays from the bars and the clubs. Being a teetotaler, I would recede to some empty seat at the back of a bar, and watch the merrymakers dance the night away. Occasionally my friends came along, but being a quiet person I preferred spending some evenings alone. If the night life does not reveal the rich entertainment culture of these Englishmen, then it will on their obsession with beauty. The bars and pubs are ornamentally decorated, capturing their lifestyle. Come day break I would be exhausted, but the experience was worth the exhaustion.
At the parks, the lush green well manicured shrubs were an attraction on their own. Dotting the vast Fletcher Moss Personage Gardens, the shrubs provide a perfect sight for nature lovers. The park is among Chester’s most beautiful places. A perfect spot to unwind after the hassles and bustles of the day, the park is strategically designed to offer a wonderful view of the flower beds from the outside lounge. During my low moments, I would visit the park and just sit at the lounge, and absorb the astounding beauty. I cherish nature, and the Fletcher Gardens provided me just that-beautiful shrubs, flower beds. What a splendid sight!
I cannot satisfactorily explain the beauty of Chester city without mentioning the magnificent sight of Charter Cathedral. The architecture of this historic building is a depiction of the Roman ornamental work, a master piece that has defied time and technology to be perhaps the strongest building in Chester today. I had the privilege to visit this charming landmark one Sunday, and I can fondly say that I was in awe, admiring this forlorn building that has stood the test of time, has weathered all storms, and witnessed the creation and recreation of generations. The cathedral sits on several acres of land, and can swallow a sea of humanity in one gulp. The Charter Cathedral remains one of the best preserved walled cities in England. The design is creative. Chester city is an embodiment of beauty in every sense of the word. It is an endowment of culture. It is a preservation of culture. How I long to visit this great city again.