The article articulates the importance of communication in both educational and professional setup. Oral communication competence is prerequisite to the professional, personal, and academic success. People with excellent listening skills have increased capacity of absorbing more information to which they are exposed. On the other hand, people with poor listening skills fail to absorb more information to which they are exposed (Morreale, Osborn & Pearson, 2000). Their problems intensify because they are able to respond to questions correctly because of their poor speaking skills. Most people unable to articulate their views or express themselves may be incorrectly judged as poorly informed even when they are highly knowledgeable.
The ability of communicating orally supports comprehensive psychosomatic development. This is because individual’s concept is achieved through interacting with other people. Moreover, achievement of self-actualization entails communication activities that include contribution in groups, using socially tolerable behavior and exertion of influence over other people. Furthermore, communication helps to enhance relationship to the self and the society and helps to improve critical thinking (Morreale, Osborn & Pearson, 2000). Considering the importance of communication, there is need for individuals to invest immensely in sharpening their communication skills.
It is easy to determine the credibility of the information presented in the article. Firstly, the information presented seems to fit well in the actual life. The various benefits of eloquence fit well in different aspects of life. For this reason, it is clear that the authors conducted extensive research in order to come up with the article. The information presented on the article is standalone and can be used for decision-making without the need to corroborate it with other materials. The author has clearly articulated the points and provided detailed explanations to derive his point home and therefore there is no need for linking the article with other information.
Based third category of third category of the Boyer’s model, that is, the scholarship of application, I am able evaluate the validity of a research. Based on this category, a valid research is applicable to the real-world environment (Mtawa, Fongwa & Wangenge-Ouma, 2016). Hence, researchers should always make sure they carryout original research. The academic honesty aspect that came into my mind is not copying other peoples’ work without acknowledging them. Always acknowledging other researchers’ work after ensures high degree of authenticity.


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