All of my life, I have wished to study a nursing course. My passion for this course would make me move mountains that may be set as a blockage to my passion. Students apply for scholarships due to hardships and challenges of raising the entire required financial budget. A nursing course happens to be one of the expensive courses all over the world. I always believe there is nothing too difficult to conqueror in this world. Therefore, my reason why I am willing to tap all the opportunities around me that would enable me to afford to live my dreams. My reason for my application to this scholarship is founded on my hopes in your considerations.
Also, the economy of the country isn’t as friendly as some people might judge it to be. For a layman, one would have to satisfy the basic needs of the entire family before thinking of satisfying the secondary needs. Affording college fee could be an easy task to some families, but some of us are not that lucky to come from those families. All my life I have grown to appreciate education, and if you ask me, education should be added officially to the list of the basic needs to human. A lot of people say that education is the greatest investment to a human being which is my strongest belief too. I have always been a hard-working student in the family, school, and my society but this was not enough to make my education a priority in the family which it makes sense sometimes. People shouldn’t sleep hungry because there is my education to cater. Fortunately, there was this scholarship which happens to be my only chance I have to study my course.
I might not have reached all the requirements as stated on your website, but I hope that I will be able to convince you how much I need this scholarship. All over the world, the support of education has diminished over the years especially considering the rise in population day by day all over the world. The increased population increases the competition in scholarships. As a result, there are limited education facilities making education more expensive. There have been massive cuts in the public funding service including higher education. Therefore, the public universities and colleges have ended up increasing the tuition fee.
I firmly believe that through the help of you in scholarship attainment, I will add value to my career. First, nursing as a career offers an opportunity for job security. The nurses will always be needed for health care services. During an economic crisis, the nurses are still essential and even during the times the economy boosts. Nurses will always get a job even after layoffs. There are likely to have open positions for a nurse. There is much likelihood that the country currently has fewer nurses than they require. The nurses get to retire more than there are available nurses to replace them. Therefore my study is likely to benefit the country economically regarding growth specifically by increasing the gross domestic product.
There is always a cost to a great reward. This course being the expense to afford, the returns happens to be worth it. There are excellent wages and benefits after being through with my course. A nurse tends to be paid a fair salary and additionally paid for extra hours. The nurses can claim for better payments and benefits through unions. The better payment makes the wages and benefits to be part of the positive aspects of the nursing profession. Some employers offer attractive benefits to the nurse including life insurance for these nurses, discounts for fitness centers local establishments and cell phones.
A thing about careers is that people tend to look for personal fulfillment. My study in midwifery profession gives me my fulfillment. It is the career path I want to follow. My satisfaction in the career is based on the fact that being able to change a life of a person, give hope to a hopeless soul and give care to those who need it. The study in nursing is flexible enough to give me a chance to choose my career path by giving me choices where I can choose my specialization, and there is the ability to advance in my area of my specialization. The flexibility in career advancement becomes the source of fulfillment for a nurse.
My knowledge from studying the nursing course will enable me to provide the needed, and appropriate level of care that is required by the patients dealing with people requires a lot of understanding and sacrifice of self-interest. To provide good healthcare to patients requires more of this. The nursing course gives the tips and the guidance needed when dealing with patients.
As time passes by, more knowledge is required in this field. Traditionally, people used to conduct rituals and some other traditional acts in nursing people. Also, herbal medicine was believed to be the only cure to diseases and infections. Due to technological advancement and more scientific research, the knowledge of nursing has been proved to be crucial and beneficial. Through more knowledge concerning this course, people are loosening from the traditional beliefs. Some people still preserve some religious beliefs where they are against the knowledge of nursing. They don’t believe in healing through the use of medication. Through proper use of this scholarship, I will ensure the lives of people are improved.
In conclusion, words are not enough to persuade you to give me this chance but I know if given this scholarship, I won’t only be satisfying my passion and living my dream but I will bring change to my society. Your assistance will be extended to the world for like I said, nursing is a duty of improving people’s lives, make a frown face a reason to smile, a dying soul come back to life and give hope to a hopeless soul. I promise to not disappoint in the case given this chance.