The Black Lives Matter (BLM) is an organization started by Alicia Garza with an aim of defending the black people against what was viewed as increasing harassment and killing of the blacks by the police. The movement started as an online campaign, especially on social media (primarily Facebook and Twitter) (Carney,189). Currently the organization has 40 chapters spread across the globe in countries like Canada and Britain (Alicia, 24). However, today the group has outgrown its usefulness as it increases racial animosity among the American people.
The Black lives matter movement’s operation contravenes the fundamental principles in the constitution of the United States. The United States constitution holds that everyone is equal before the law regardless of his or her race or religion. However, the BLM campaigns advances the notion that the blacks are superior by propagating a perception that the other lives (of other races) do not matter. Based on the United States constitution every is equally protected by the law and movements such as BLM serves no purpose at all.
Secondly, the black lives matter movement interferes with independent investigation as it piles unnecessary pressure on various government agencies a predetermined action against the offenders (Pellow, 228). For instance, the movement the movement has held several protests across against the government demanding punitive measures against police officers perceive to be unfairly targeting the black people (Deen, Charlton & Clark).
Thirdly, the group creates a misleading perception that only the black people are targeted by the police. The police force just like any other organizations has bad elements that carries out extrajudicial. Such cases should be treated indecently and the suspects dealt with as per the US laws. Introducing racial card into the process jeopardise the process of exterminating the vice within the force as it does not address the core of the problem.
Even though BLM has several disadvantages, it plays a critical role in demand for justice for the blacks (Rickford). There is no doubt the blacks are likely to face police brutality compared to other races. Historically, even in recent years, police have been using a disproportionate force when it comes to dealing with black people. The BLM plays an essential role in demanding for fair treatment of everyone by the police.
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