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-Book review on “Destiny of the Republic” by Candace Millard
– Chicago Style
– 500-750 words
– Summarize the book and explain the thesis (main point)
– The review should not only provide a brief summary of the book, but should also provide a thoughtful analysis of the book’s relevance, your opinion of it, an assessment of the sources used in the book, and be well written
– Briefly discuss the most important evidence or elements of the book – do not include every action or activity, it is up to you to choose only the most important details
– Explain the author’s perspective; why did they think this book was important enough to write?
– Evaluate the historical sources that the author used; In your opinion were they appropriate and did they support the main points of the book?
– You can also share who might find the book useful and why
– Mainly use the book as the source. Please notify me if you used another source