This Assignment is aboutBorn a Crime by Trevor Noah
List all of the different neighborhoods in which Noah lived and their respective characteristics.
In his own estimation, what were the advantages and disadvantages of each place?
How did each location shape his identity?
What does this suggest about the influence and importance of being grounded in a particular place and time (that is, why did it matter that he was a young colored boy in a white neighborhood during the post-apartheid era?)
What lessons did he have to learn, growing up in that time and place?
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One reply of at least 150 words:

  1. StudentOut of the number of neighborhood Noah has lived in, I am most fascinated with Eden Park and Orange Grove. Clearly, Eden Park wasn’t the safest place to be around. With the social instability and conflicts, “once a month at least [Noah and his mother would] drive home and the neighborhood would be on fire” (p.16). Furthermore, Eden Park was not a place for the white people. In fact, “Eden Park was one of those “suburbs” that are actually out on the edge of civilization” (p.65). Even with all these limitations, Noah appreciates Eden Park. Eden Park was the first area that provided the opportunity for poor black people to own a house. This ownership surprised Noah and many black people. However, It was more than just ownership, “it was freedom” (p.65).

Although Noah did not spend much time in Orange Grove, I think it also made a significant impact to him. Orange Grove is almost the counterpart of Eden Park. It was a wealthy, safe, and clean neighborhood, but no freedom to black people. For the people of color, “if you wanted to live in the suburbs you’d have to find a white family renting out their servants’ quarters or sometimes their garage” (p.81). This sharp contract between Eden Park and Orange Grove highlighted racial tension to Noah.
Works Cited
Noah, Trevor.Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood. 1st ed., Spiegel & Grau, 2016.