Bridge and Spies
Question One
The soviets and the Americans hoped to obtain intelligence on the quality of weapons that each side possessed. They also hoped to obtain security information about each others’ allies. This information was necessary for enabling them to prepare for future wars and international conflicts.
Question Two
Rudolph Abel was a Russian spy in living in the US. He played a significant role in providing crucial information about the US government security agents such as FBI and nuclear to the Russian intelligence.
Question Three
The FBI collected intelligence on the Soviet Union by using CIA U-2 spy-planes. These aircrafts were flown by well-trained American pilots such as Francis G. Powers and were used to gather vital intelligence on Russia.
Question Four
The US government persuaded the US spy of a fair hearing by providing him with an independent lawyer who would defend him. In addition, they also promised to give him a fair hearing in court.
Question Five
Gary Powers was an American spy pilot who was captured for crimes of espionage in Russia. He was significant because he would be used in the negotiation of  the release of prisoner Rudolf Abel who had been sentenced to thirty years in the US jail.
Question Six
The war shown in this movie did not involve arms; it involved gathering information and ideologies that could be used to gain international influence. In particular, it involved the acquisition of crucial information about the other military and intelligence capacity, especially in the development of nuclear weapons.
Question Seven
The article was the effort by the Russians and Americans to outdo each during the cold war. It was significant as if affected the relationship between the citizens of the two countries.
Question Eight
The US government used the cover that the plane was on a testing mission of its ability to fly over a long distance since it was one of the first makes of such planes.
Question Nine
Mr. Donovan’s contact in East Germany used the phrase “We need to have the conversation that our governments can’t” because he knew that the American student arrested in Berlin was not a priority of the American government at the time.
Question Ten
The homeland security interests are more important than civil rights since they affect all other aspects of life within a state. It would be impossible to achieve civil liberties without first achieving home security. In addition, in a time of war, individuals sacrifice their self-interest for the good of the country. This action by itself demonstrates that home security is more important that civil rights.