Individual Assessment 2: 50% of total grade
2. For Individual Assessment 2, each student needs to prepare a 3000 word
(+/-10%) (excluding reference list and in-text references) critical literature
review on the concept of transnational strategy and explain to what extent
do you think such a strategy can help MNEs to deal with the conflicting
demands of global efficiencies and local responsiveness?
3. To address the assignment question, you should first develop a solid
understanding of the concept of ‘transnational strategy’ through a rigorous,
extensive and critical literature review of the relevant academic
publications, and then analyse and synthesise what you have learned from
existing literature into your own arguments, based on which you can
provide a clear and convincing answer to the assignment question.
4. It should be noted that simply reviewing what others have argued in the
existing publications is necessary but not sufficient for the purpose of
addressing the assignment question. You need to build upon existing
literature to develop your own original ideas and arguments in order to
provide a clear and strong answer to the assignment question.
5. To provide a rigorous review and critique, you are expected to read widely
and incorporate at least 20 different references from academic
publications (including books, book chapters, articles, and conference
papers etc.)
• Submit an electronic copy (preferably in Word format) to Turnitin on iLearn
(NOTE: hard copy submission is not required)
• Format: essay; no need for an executive summary; avoid too many headings
• Reference style: Harvard style preferred, but we do not insist on a particular
reference style provided you are consistent, complete and accurate.
• Double space all body text; reference list single space accepted
• Tables, figures and any appendices should be neat and properly labelled
and referred to in the body of the paper.
• Side margins must be at least a 3cm to allow sufficient room for comments
• Save a copy of the assignment