Communication has always been one of the best, if not the best, characteristic that has become an embodiment of the human race. It has been defined as the means of connection between people or places (Dudovskiy, 2012). It is through communication that we are able to exchange ideas and interact the way that we do. More to that, in the business world, communication is one of the best tools in selling ideas or for investment purposes.
It is in this context of communication that we are going to develop an essay whose core is the sale of a new commodity to the market through effective communication. In the notion of selling the product, we will consider the needs of the audience and how rapport can be created between the firm and the stated audience.
Technology has always given rise to some things that were previously unimaginable. The first invention by the caveman of the fire which was a marvel then but over the course of the million years man has been on the face of the planet earth, every once and then there is a new invention. The iPhone, the internet, the television, the aero planes and so much more. However, the development in the electronic sector has given birth to an array of many devices that can be difficult to monitor. Monitoring the tablet, the television, the computer, the laptop, the iPhone and even the vehicle at times can be hectic. It is with this that the idea of a software that tends to monitor all the devices was developed.
Various devices have that specific application that monitors their use and whereabouts. For example, vehicles have to keep trucking. This is a logging device for iPhone and Android devices. Its main purposes are: to track vehicles in real time and view the footprints of their location, estimating fuel usage, monitoring the vehicles well-being among other unexplained features (keep trucking, 2017).Keep tracking is the foundation of the software but now applicable to all devices. It basically is a software that basically can locate any device with the use of GPS. More to that, the software is compatible with almost all operating systems such as Android and iOS making it accessible on most mobile devices. By monitoring the whereabouts of every device, it is easy to have a smooth and efficient daily routine. A chip is inserted into the device and connects to the software.
Being pioneers in the software industry and having established software’s on many fronts such as in the gambling platform, security agencies and other departments, the experience behind the firm are vast and all measures are in place to ensure the efficient and smooth delivery of the software services. The software is for the future with measures taken to ensure that it is not easily outdated. Some of these measures include the continuous upgrade of the software and the ability of the software to be integrated into other programs and software. Furthermore, the software program is able to obtain data from various sources enabling it to keep up to date. In ensuring a thorough level of interaction between the seller and the clients, the company’s policies will be given emphasis. Finally, in ensuring that the clients are on level terms on the technological and the background of the software, open questions are always available.
Communication is the major tool in selling the idea to the market. In the case of the software, there will be the need for adequate technology to display the workability of the idea. As expected, the majority of the audience is going to have a technological background such as IT experts, technologists, software company representatives, army generals with interest in technology, motor vehicle companies’ etc. It is thus very important to ensure effective communication between the seller and the buyers.
It is stated that effective communication has always been a crucial tool for any business owner. The difference in getting a deal sealed and missing out on the opportunity all comes down to communication. To begin with is the speaking style associated with the speaker or the seller. It basically entails the tone, pitch, accent, volume and the pace of the voice. It is this characteristic that determines the positive or negative conveyance of the message. The best way to communicate the idea to the client is by avoiding sentences that can be monotonous and avoid monotonous responses when questions are asked. Furthermore, the pace of the voice should just be moderate avoiding talking too fast or too slow. On another note, the voice should be as clear as possible with a continuous engagement of the client in the discussion. This has the advantage of promoting response behavior from the client rather than leaving the conversation flaccid and deflated.
Secondly is the idea of using an assertive rather than aggressive tone when selling the idea to the client. The assertive tone of communication is mainly advocated for because it avoids any hostile attitude. The tone is used when describing the full intention of the work and the end game is that it brings out the statement in an emotional way of how the seller feels or perceives. On the other hand, an aggressive tone tends to be hostile and unfriendly with the main effect putting away potential investors and clients.This is because many may view it as a directive on what to the two stated tonnes of communication, assertiveness mainly uses the word ‘I’ while the aggression one uses ‘you’. The assertive tone on a consistent note shows the clients that the seller is confident and open to suggestions with no ulterior motive such as taking advantage and the result is a mutually acceptable agreement.
The use of modern tools in the presentation of any idea can be more appealing than using the out of date charts and chalk boards. The effect of these tools is that they are more engaging and memorable. The use of digital whiteboards may be one way to appeal to the clients. This is an interactive presentation that connects to the computer using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or through serial port cable. One of its captivating features is the touchscreen capabilities and various abilities such as drawing and highlighting using a pen. Furthermore, one can click on links and can also play any multi media context (Angeles, 2017). This is a very captivating feature considering that there might need to access various links and play some, multimedia context. That stated, it can push the sales a notch higher
Another presentation tool can be time. This has been described as one of the best tools to present an idea to any audience. Its functioning is cloud based hence enabling anyone to create an array of business presentation very fast and easy. The best part is that this presentation has slides, infographics, wireframes, product demos all that enable the presenter to display his message across in a crystal clear view
The project is an online presentation tool that can turn a boring presentation into a more interactive one. The foundation of the presentation can be old power point presentations with project integrating very new features into this. More to that, the platform can integrate new media such as live tweets into the presentation enabling the presentation to be more lively and engaging. This can be an effective tool in the presentation of the software program in a more lively and engaging way.
Another presentation tool that can effectively lead to sales is the google slides. This is a collaborative and friendly PowerPoint presentation tool that can be accessed from the internet and enables one to edit and create presentations and can furthermore share with the audience as in the form of video conferencing. This is a very important tool in presentation since each and everyone in the audience can be able to engage in the conversation through his/her device.
Some other tools that can be used in the context of effective presentation include Prezi, haiku deck among others. In this selection of the tools to use in the presentation, the main concern is the engagement of the client and making the presentation more memorable.
It has always been stated that effective communication will always help in getting any sort of job done within the budgeted time. It is therefore very important for any sort of business person to learn the methods of effective communication. Apart from sealing any sort of deal, effective communication can ensure that there is the creation of a network of business partners assuring profitability and returns.


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