The business interview that I conducted was with Sam who is a co-owner of The Bacon Truck. The Bacon Truck is a business that deals with the sale of anything that deals with Bacon. The business is co-owned by two people who have been friends since high school and they both loved bacon since they were young. The business is mobile and they have different locations on different days. I managed to have the interview on a Thursday because that is the day that they are found at 45 Shattuck St., Boston, MA. Sam is an approachable person and he was of help with the interview. The paper will give a narrative of the happenings during the interview with him.
In the interview I started by introducing myself and informing Sam that I am a student who is carrying out an interview for my coursework. Sam informed me that he had always had a desire to go into self-employment. This is because he wanted to be his own boss and wanted to avoid the frustrations that came with either unemployment or employment. He informed me that most people who are employed do not enjoy their income because of the tight schedule and pressure from their seniors at work. He also stated that he also had the fear of finishing school and then failing to get a job. That made him to think about been self-employed.
Sam informed me that been in self-employment, a person has to undergo a lot of sacrifices and be creative. A person also needs to have ethics and try to network with people. Sam informed me that after they started their business, they were forced to be working extra hours so that they could manage to increase the sales of the business. He also insisted that a person has to be at his or her best behavior in all avenues because people will associate the business with the owner. That means that for the business to be reputable, the owners have to be professionals and be well mannered. He also stated that he has had to make many sacrifices in terms of his spending habits. That was aimed at ensuring that he gets enough capital to input to the business and that has ensured that the business has grown wit time. He also informed me that an entrepreneur needs to be informed at all times. That ensures that any changes in the customer purchasing habits are noted and that will ensure that the business adjusts according to the changes with the customer preferences. Been informed also ensures that a business owner is able to note any changes in legislators and that will ensure that they do not get into legal battles with the authority.
Sam informed me that he used a loan and personal saving as the source of capital at the business startup. He informed me that the choice for the funding was determined by the risks that are associated with different forms of financing. The other reason for the choice was the availability of the funds. It was hard for them to access any savings because they were previously students. They were able to approach a financial institution tat granted them a loan. They were able to repay the initial loan and then they acquired a new loan that they used for expansion.
Sam, informed me that they hire only the best employees in the city. Because of that fact, they have to come up with a way that would motivate the employees to ensure that they do not leave and work for the competitors. The Bacon Truck usually rewards its employees for great service. The employees are also given a chance to train on different short courses in the course of their work. The business avoids failure by coming up with a strategic plan. The strategic plan for the business is in line with their mission and vision. That means that all decisions made in the course of business are aimed at ensuring that there is success in the activities of the company. The company also makes use of a pricing advantage that is used as their competitive advantage. The advantage is gained by ensuring that they get their bacon form suppliers and they also try to minimize their cost of operations. That is the reason that they operate in a truck. That ensures that there is reduction in operational costs.
Sam believes that ethics is the source of god reputation in a business. Ethics will range from the way the customers are handled to the preparation of products that the company offers to customers. The customers to the business require the best hence that should not be comprised.  A business should come up with a culture that encourages ethical behavior in the work place. Sam stated that he decided to deal with the food production industry because of the gap that existed in the market. The other reason is the fact that he loved bacon from the time he was young hence would enjoy every bit of his business. Sam says that he loves his job despite the challenges that are associated with the business. The business is something that he is passionate about and that motivates him to keep expanding it.
When asked about the thing that is required by a person in the industry, he stated that a person who wants to be involved in the industry needs to be passionate with his work and to always observe the demands of the customers at all times. That will ensure that the demands of the customers are satisfied and at the same time the person is getting satisfaction from the business operations.
When asked about the plan that they have as a business, he stated that he would like to expand the operations of the company so that they can cover a wider area. That will ensure that they are able to increase their sales and that would be a benefit to the business operation. Sam believes that the business has helped people in the community with employment. The community has also been provided with some of their best meals at a convenient point and that has created satisfaction on their side. He said that the thing that the business plans in regard to development of the community will be with offering employment opportunities and also conserving the environment by the means that they use in their food production. He believes that the Trump administration would be beneficial to the business because Trump is an entrepreneur and hence will promote the affairs of entrepreneurs in the country.