Company Background
Novelty Advertising Agency (NAA) was formed in the year 1995 and established as a professional advertising and branding consultant business. In the year 2005, the firm merged with Creative Solutions Inc., which at the time was one of the leading businesses in the marketing industry to form a globally leading prestigious and advertising network.
Our working experience in the field of advertising and branding stretches for over twenty years and have partnered with great firms in some of the most successful advertising campaigns. Moreover, the firm brings to the table a formidable portfolio of work for firms such as Crown Paints, Coca Cola, and the World Wide Fund (WWF).
Capabilities and Possible Areas of Interest for the Company
Novelty Advertising Agency is able to create a strong brand for your organization that clearly communicates the values and mission. Moreover, NAA firm is best suited for the task as we understand corporate governance and more specifically, we have integrated CSR into the core strategy of the firm. Through CSR, we believe in sustainability through environmental conservation.
Creative Ideas of the Advertisement
We already have a variety of creative ideas that we believe would be impactful in communicating your message to the intended audience and consequently influencing their behavior.
One of the most effective of these creative ideas would involve the production of the tissue dispensers below.
The tissue dispenser clearly communicates the negative impacts of paper on forests and specifically indigenous forests such as the Amazon forest. Through this advertising strategy, the intended audience would therefore aspire to either control paper consumption or use paper products from firms that lead in conservation efforts.