Business Strategy in Negotiations
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Negotiations and Business Strategy
Proper communication skills are paramount for the formation of good business meetings and corporate agreements. Notably, discrimination of any form is a significant barrier to proper communication. In the case study, it is important to note that Dennis van der Reis in all context was unprofessional and lacked ethics in his new encounter with Roberta. According to Peng (2002), it is unprofessional to discriminate one based on their culture, gender or race. Although this may be true, Roberta should not let her emotions get in the way due to the unprofessionalism showed to her by Dennis van der Reis.
Additionally, emotions such as anger, disbelief, and shock are probably what was felt by Roberta in that scenario. Nonetheless,  she should hold it in and correct him by properly introducing herself. Consequently, this may reduce the awkwardness instead of escalating the situation. With regards to this, Roberta can have a constructive confrontation with Dennis. To elaborate, she may not label him as being discriminatory or unprofessional. Instead, she may politely tell him of her status and that she is uncomfortable with the assumption that he made of her being a secretary.
Thirdly, confidence and show of authority may help Dennis see his error. Moreover, this can be done through the use of business language and technical terms that a secretary may not possess. Furthermore, this will show Dennis that she is the boss and not Carlos. Alternatively, Roberta can ask for an impromptu meeting with a goal of discussing the issue that has brought her to the Dutch firm. By doing so, she will have indirectly shown Dennis who the boss is between her and Carlos, her lead engineer. Instantly, Dennis will have to apologize for the confusion. Hence, she will gain the upper hand and gain respect from him.
In business, it is important to uphold ethics and professionalism when dealing with people from all walks of life. Generally, this entails respecting religion, race, culture, and more specifically to this paper, gender. Unfortunately,some important business dealings have gone south due to unprofessional approach to issues done by managers.
Peng, M., W. (2002). Towards an institution-based view of business strategy. Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 19(2-3), 251-267.