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Case Study: APC Europe
A supplier’s reliability can make or break a business. Evidently, the condition of raw materials that a supplier provides directly determines the quality of the finished products. On the same accord, the time the raw materials are supplied determines whether the business will be able to finish manufacturing its products within the order deadlines. Consequently, a business must always choose reliable suppliers who can consistently guarantee the supply of high-quality raw materials when needed and in the required quantities.
In the APC Europe Case, What is the Purpose of the Supplier Performance Assessment? Justify Your Conclusion with Specific Examples that Show how it is Used in the Case.
In brief, the suppliers performance assessment the process of approving them after conducting a quantitative and qualitative analysis of their ability to deliver consistently high-quality products, of the required amount and within the stipulated deadline. In general, the suppliers assessment evaluates on the suppliers service levels, capacity, business stability, identity, and any hidden costs (Bryce & Wilson 2002). In the APC Europe case, the purpose of supplier performance assessment was to evaluate the reliability of using certain service providers for the company. Essentially, the assessment provided the company with important insight on whom they should discontinue from providing them with the supply services……………………
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