FFP Pty Ltd is one of Australia’s largest manufacturers and distributors of spectacle frames and is a major importer of many of the world’s leading brands of premium frames and sunglasses. They operate solely as a wholesaler and have relationships within a dealer network Australia wide.
Cecil Fitzgibbon is the CEO, owner and founder of the company.
Cecil can recall the days he started the company operating out of a small facility on the outskirts of Mildura, Victoria. Business grew rapidly and Cecil brought in several close acquaintances to assist with the growth – like Cecil they possessed strong entrepreneurial skills and a focus on sales.
After approximately 12 months of continued business growth Cecil was constrained in his current location because:
• Mildura was not a central location for a distribution business and was adding a 10% premium to his costs;
• His premises had reached storage capacity;
• His current business support had largely been run from his study and there was insufficient room for all the required staff.
To address these issues he leased an office/warehouse suite on the outskirts of Melbourne.
Following his relocation to Melbourne his business continued to grow and he successfully won the distribution rights of another 2 leading sunglass brands.
FFP continue to pride themselves on their large market ‘footprint’ whilst still maintaining a lean sales focused operation. Whilst Cecil was required to bring in some staff to support operations he tried to minimise what he considered were non-revenue generating resources.