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According to the case study, “Ghost Worker at the Nonprofit” gives us an insightful plan of Betty and Jim Reynolds who is alleged to be a retired sergeant-at-arm and since he needs for money to supplement his income, he gets hired as a business and economic development analyst and consultant at the Texas Citizen Advocates for Recovery and Treatment Association.  Mr. Reynolds seems to be unable to perform his duties and at times he does not report at work because he is still working as a state legislator (Sharp, Aguirre, Kickham, 2011, p.126-128). Assuming the leadership position in this case, it will be good to come up with a weekly plan on time management. The plan is to cover the official eight working hours for both the legislative and the nonprofit organization. A non interrupted time will be scheduled between 8:30 am and 12:00 noon for all the job responsibilities pertaining to the nonprofit organization and preparing progress reports to be submitted to the supervisor. After which there shall be a lunch break of an hour. After lunch, 1:00 pm to 4:30pm will be time for legislative activities.
Part time will be considered to cover any other lost time for the nonprofit organization. Assuming that legislative work is based on part time, and then most of the time should be focused on nonprofit organization activities. Based on the time management plan, there is room for part time work as from 4:30 pm and also weekends. Mr. Reynolds held a legislative post and was a permanent employee, he enjoyed money other benefits attached to the job and also mingled with the high profile persons in the country and this could be the reasons for keeping his work as he worked at the nonprofit organization. Additionally, the nonprofit organization and the legislative job can suffer without a proper time management plan. Banarjee (2012), states that, moonlighting can have moral implications and can pose serious challenges for employees and employers with time management, job effectiveness, and efficiency.
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Sharp, B. S., Aguirre, G., & Kickham, K. (2011). Managing in the public sector: A casebook in ethics and leadership. Boston, MA: Pearson.